1. T

    Financial aid in AUB and my gap semester

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and wanted to ask a sort of weird question. Ok so I'm taking a gap semester this coming spring and was wondering if I can still apply for financial aid at the same time. I'll be coming back in the fall semester but I was just wondering if they would still let me...
  2. MimoHaddaddy

    AUB Architecture

    Hello, I have recently applied to the AUB Architecture program for 2018/19 as a sophomore. I am a bit worried (nothing new). Basically my SAT scores that I sent were my October (1250) and December (1390, 720 in Math and 670 in English and a percentile of 95% worldwide) and I am taking the IB...
  3. C

    CCE at AUB

    Does Computer and Communication Engineering at AUB pay off well after graduation? as in more than 3 or 4 k per month?
  4. C

    AUB admission

    Hello everyone, so I was searching about this and I stumbled upon a thread on this site with a question similar to mine; only a few years older and different in details. I am wondering about my chances of being admitted at AUB with my scores basically I ranked 8/22 in grade 10. and 3/15 in grade...
  5. JeanH

    Insignt Club AUB Campaign

    Insight club AUB has started a campaign titled #ما_بدها_استحى, Here is the latest video they made. which reminded me of the notorious video done by some moroccan guys