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    WARNING: Please, do not read further if you are an arrogant ignorant; if you are and you decide to proceed then you risk wasting your valuable time. I do not get it; I really do not get it and need someone, anyone to explain to me how could this be happening. I am not posting this as a...
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    Could banks be the last chance to fix Lebanon? – Hypothetical

    Hey, It has been a while:) Like many of the you, I was thinking of what or who can help in saving Lebanon from the absolute failure of today since there is no hope in any of the parties or governing people (recently I became supporter “kellon yan3ne kellon” slogan) Let us start with few...
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    Almost 100% in the fight against corruption

    Again Lebanon makes headlines negatively in the fight against corruption. Download the report: or read it here: TI Publication - People and corruption: Middle East and North Africa survey 2016 50 million...