1. VipModz

    France Far-right Eric Zemmour announce presidential run

    Eric Zemmour announces presidential run to 'save' France Far-right French pundit Eric Zemmour announced his candidacy for president on Tuesday, he said he wanted to save France from decadence and minorities that "oppress the majority". The Lebanese Right-wing fully supports you!
  2. VipModz

    POST-Elections 2022

    The 2022 Lebanese general election is the upcoming general election in Lebanon, scheduled for May 2022 This thread is to talk about post-elections speculations Q: Who is going to form the biggest bloc? Q: Can FPM win a seat in Koura district if there is no alliance with FM? Q: Is it true...
  3. M

    OR Candidates It's OK to call another Oroomer an a**hole

    OK, not really. But you can always find a better way to convey the same message. Instead of asking someone to eff off, you can tell him he's the reason God created the middle finger. Tired of @Isabella’s feminist rants? You can simply tell her that she’s too smart for a woman. If elected a...
  4. Iron Maiden

    Butthurt galore, Iron Maiden heeds the call

    I may not have thought this through, but what the heck the call of power is too juicy to ignore. I hereby bestow upon thee, dear readers, the privilege of knowing that i am running for mod of this most orange lounge. Here’s my beautifully detailed program : - I will do my best to limit...
  5. O


    WARNING: Please, do not read further if you are an arrogant ignorant; if you are and you decide to proceed then you risk wasting your valuable time. I do not get it; I really do not get it and need someone, anyone to explain to me how could this be happening. I am not posting this as a...
  6. TheMaronite

    LFers and FPMers, would you vote for each others

    This suppose of course an alliance between LF and FPM in the coming elections, which is likely to happen in many regions in Lebanon. Parties be fairly represented in the parliament through a just and adequate electoral law I, for my part, who support one of the two, cannot vote for the other...
  7. TheMaronite

    What future do you see for the minor christian parties in Lebanon after this "new era"

    The FPM and the LF who are undeniably the two major christian parties in Lebanon will share numerous seats in the coming cabinet, while the minor ones, along with independant politicians, are expected to be absent or meagerly present (1 or 2 seats maximum). What fate do you foresee for the...