1. JeanH

    European migrant crisis

    Myself and @Noborders had a small off the topic discussion in one of the threads, i thought this is worthy of a thread. Is the European migrant crisis attributed directly or indirectly to 20th century colonialism by European nation to less developed nations. or is it caused by something else
  2. JeanH

    Why Are a lot of nationalist Parties/movements Labelled "Extreme" right?

    It has been a trend specially with the european parties to label them as extreme right, such as Le pen and wilders in the netherlands, is this a way to shame them and spread false propaganda, traditionnaly extreme right are moevements like fascism and the Nazi party; that called for or...
  3. Iron Maiden

    Europe on the verge of witnessing many electoral wins by far right parties

    Starting with the austrian presidential elections tomorrow, far right parties are poised to start accumulating wins all over europe which coupled with the very possible brexit could be the start of the end for the european union as we know it. After Hungary, Poland and Finland, the new...