1. AtheistForJesus

    Jacques Chirac, the greatest French president since Charles de Gaulle?

    Lebanon's loyal friend has passed away. During his tenure, Lebanon enjoyed the best relations with France marked by mutual support on the international scene. This is a chance to reflect on the man's legacy, his relationship with Hariri, and his contributions to our country, from supporting...
  2. H

    Traveling to live and work in france

    I am a 20 year old NDU NLC student (computer science, 3rd year). I graduate before summer of 2019 (less than a year from now). I have maintained a gpa of 3.9, and have a lot of experience through multiple internships at good companies. I am planning on going to France to study there (masters...
  3. JeanH

    Why Are a lot of nationalist Parties/movements Labelled "Extreme" right?

    It has been a trend specially with the european parties to label them as extreme right, such as Le pen and wilders in the netherlands, is this a way to shame them and spread false propaganda, traditionnaly extreme right are moevements like fascism and the Nazi party; that called for or...
  4. Republican

    Barack Obama interview with the Atlantic (April 2016) - "The Obama Doctrine"

    This interview is very long, more like a booklet, still quite important and revealing of how Obama and the US administration view the world, particularly the ME Arab (pseudo-)states...