1. H

    Traveling to live and work in france

    I am a 20 year old NDU NLC student (computer science, 3rd year). I graduate before summer of 2019 (less than a year from now). I have maintained a gpa of 3.9, and have a lot of experience through multiple internships at good companies. I am planning on going to France to study there (masters...
  2. JeanH

    Why Are a lot of nationalist Parties/movements Labelled "Extreme" right?

    It has been a trend specially with the european parties to label them as extreme right, such as Le pen and wilders in the netherlands, is this a way to shame them and spread false propaganda, traditionnaly extreme right are moevements like fascism and the Nazi party; that called for or...
  3. Republican

    Barack Obama interview with the Atlantic (April 2016) - "The Obama Doctrine"

    This interview is very long, more like a booklet, still quite important and revealing of how Obama and the US administration view the world, particularly the ME Arab (pseudo-)states...