1. Mysobalanus

    Is Lebanon under a possible nuclear threat from Israel?

    God Forbid, but if Hezbollah becomes a very serious existential threat to Israel's existence, what stops Israel from employing advanced/restrictive nukes to flatten Lebanon or at least very destructive bombers or chemical weapons? (Israel is reported to have used chemical weapons, but let's not...
  2. O

    Hezollah Strategists: How exactly are you going to liberate Shebaa Farms?

    The talk about this topic has been elevated on Hezbollah's social media following the brutal ass-kicking our heroes in the Lebanese Armed Forces gave to ISIS. We all know that Shebaa Farms, a territory that measures 22 square kilometers, is geographically part of the strategical Golan Heights...
  3. JeanH

    Poster of Lebanese communist martyr wafaa nour el din photoshoped to add hijab

    On the 26th of may 2017 a ceremony was held in nabtieh el fawka to honor one of the LSP's martyr's Wafaa nour el dine; however the ceremony was marked with some controversy as her picture was altered to add a palestinian kufya in a hijab like form upon the request of her brother who is a...