1. AtheistForYeezus

    Police brutality, Hate crime, Homophobia and Human Rights abuse in Iran

    As riots exploded in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd, Iran was quick to capitalize on that as a means to score cheap political points against the US. Their foreign minister called it "a harrowing demonstration of systematic racism". Which brings me to the question: Does Iran...
  2. zero

    The Iran Cables: Secret Documents Show How Tehran Wields Power in Iraq
  3. zero

    Involving Russia in the Lebanese Equation?

    Do you think Russia is interested in Lebanon? Is it good or bad for Lebanon? Do you think Russia should be just as much of a factor in Lebanon as the US/KSA? Should anyone even trust Russia? Do you think we dont have a choice? and why? how much should they be involved if its not a choice?
  4. Republican

    Barack Obama interview with the Atlantic (April 2016) - "The Obama Doctrine"

    This interview is very long, more like a booklet, still quite important and revealing of how Obama and the US administration view the world, particularly the ME Arab (pseudo-)states...