1. C

    Israeli visa on passport

    Hey guys, A person I know (turkish passport but living in the US) will need to travel to israel (Palestine المحتلة) as a professor with his American institute. His passport will not be stamped, But since he is originally from another country which "israel" requires a visa upon entry from, his...
  2. AtheistForJesus

    Netanyahu visits Oman for first time, meets Sultan Qaboos

    At the request of @Isabella and @Muki, I've taken a short break from my anti-Islam activism to tackle more pressing matters. In a dramatic sign of warming ties, Netanyahu made a secret visit to Oman, accompanied by the head of Mossad. What's your political analysis of this surprise visit? Do...
  3. Mysobalanus

    Is Lebanon under a possible nuclear threat from Israel?

    God Forbid, but if Hezbollah becomes a very serious existential threat to Israel's existence, what stops Israel from employing advanced/restrictive nukes to flatten Lebanon or at least very destructive bombers or chemical weapons? (Israel is reported to have used chemical weapons, but let's not...
  4. O

    Hezollah Strategists: How exactly are you going to liberate Shebaa Farms?

    The talk about this topic has been elevated on Hezbollah's social media following the brutal ass-kicking our heroes in the Lebanese Armed Forces gave to ISIS. We all know that Shebaa Farms, a territory that measures 22 square kilometers, is geographically part of the strategical Golan Heights...