1. M

    How can Aoun redeem himself 2 years before the end of his term?

    For reasons within or out his control, Aoun's presidency has been so far deemed an absolute failure. And that's by everyone's admission, including his hardcore supporters. Is it too late for Aoun to turn the table and leave behind a legacy that's slightly less terrible than Michel Suleiman's? El...
  2. JeanH

    A solution to the economic Crisis - One team must win

    A lot has been going on with regards to the small mishap we currently have going on in our economy, lots of ideas being thrown around IMF 2amwal l manhoube 2esterja3 l amwel l mouharab wakf l hader.... My propsed solution is that this time one team should win, the team that wins takes over the...
  3. M

    Is a non-sectarian system truly the way to Lebanon's salvation?

    In his last speech, Aoun said Lebanon must change from a confessional to a civil state. With the presence of an Islamist militia like Hizbullah, and a Muslim majority that derives its laws from Sharia (Tripoli and Sour alcohol ban anyone?), do you truly believe that a non-sectarian system is...
  4. M

    Jacques Chirac, the greatest French president since Charles de Gaulle?

    Lebanon's loyal friend has passed away. During his tenure, Lebanon enjoyed the best relations with France marked by mutual support on the international scene. This is a chance to reflect on the man's legacy, his relationship with Hariri, and his contributions to our country, from supporting...
  5. Dr. Strangelove

    National Budget 2020: The Kahrababadook

    With things heating up around Lebanon's upcoming national budget, and with the threat of economic collapse as close as it's ever been, what are your thoughts on the 2020 edition and any solutions it might/must bring? Will the Lira finally collapse? Will we see some much needed reforms? Will...
  6. M

    Israel The Arab-Israeli conflict: Is Israel the victim?

    Arabs often claim that Israel is an occupying force, a colonial project. But a look at the conflict's timeline paints a different story. Ever since Israel was established, its neighbors have sworn to destroy the little Jewish state. It is Arabs, including Lebanon, who initiated the hostilities...
  7. H

    Stay up to date with your Mecanique

    Sometimes it can feel as though all the compulsory governmental formalities and payments come at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You can now settle several government transactions via private companies throughout Lebanon. For example, you can...
  8. epedep

    New Map of Lebanon (unsure which forum in Oroom to put it in so I'm putting it in The Lounge)

    I have just created this map, based on the distance a municipality is from an international border. Black is closest, light pink is the farthest.
  9. T

    Should we apply capital punishment in Lebanon?

    Let's face it. Prisoners cost a shitload of money to keep, Roumieh is already crowded and some prisoners do deserve execution. Do you agree with applying such punishment or not? Why?
  10. technologylover

    Beirut Duty Free thoughts

    Hi I'd like to know what do you think about duty free in beirut airport? Are items really cheaper ? Or is it useless ? And what did you notice you could find at good prices in the duty free , so what are the items that are worth it to buy from there ? Electronics ? Tobacco ? The duty free...
  11. H

    Settling Traffic Tickets

    If you are a resident of Lebanon or even have been living here as an expat for a while, you will notice that traffic laws are not followed very strictly here. In fact, sometimes you might commit a violation, like driving above the speed limit or not paying your parking ticket, and you would not...
  12. M

    What are some effective ways to de-Islamize Lebanon?

    Today's Lebanese Muslims are smart and well-educated. However, they are also more religious than ever. Despite relative advances in social and cultural norms, Muslim are still being held back by regressive cultural and religious practices. One only needs to step in Dahyeh or Tripoli to witness...
  13. H

    Start ups: Competition or passion?

    Start school, move to university and go on in your life, you find ultimate competition with no way out! It is there that your own personal war starts, you want to excel in life, give it all you’ve got and believe that whatever you’ve got to deliver stands out from the rest. I keep telling myself...
  14. Iron Maiden

    The universal declaration of human rights

    I have to say, i never delved too much into lebanon’s role in the un involving this wonderful document and this just popped in my feed. Share some stories and docs abt this great man and his contributions on the 70th anniversary of that feat.
  15. Ice Tea

    Gavin Ford's murder [OPEN DISCUSSION]

    If 1.5 million 'lebanese' MUSLIMS were added, key word Muslims. If 1.5 Christians were added the country would change, but for better.
  16. C

    Israeli visa on passport

    Hey guys, A person I know (turkish passport but living in the US) will need to travel to israel (Palestine المحتلة) as a professor with his American institute. His passport will not be stamped, But since he is originally from another country which "israel" requires a visa upon entry from, his...
  17. zero

    Involving Russia in the Lebanese Equation?

    Do you think Russia is interested in Lebanon? Is it good or bad for Lebanon? Do you think Russia should be just as much of a factor in Lebanon as the US/KSA? Should anyone even trust Russia? Do you think we dont have a choice? and why? how much should they be involved if its not a choice?
  18. F

    Noise Pollution by People in Lebanon ( ^ Reduce Your Car Beeps to Reduce Noise Pollution)

    People in Lebanon can reduce noise polluition in the country by reducing their car beeps!!! They honk more than they drive!!! They can do something about noise pollution...
  19. H

    Traveling to live and work in france

    I am a 20 year old NDU NLC student (computer science, 3rd year). I graduate before summer of 2019 (less than a year from now). I have maintained a gpa of 3.9, and have a lot of experience through multiple internships at good companies. I am planning on going to France to study there (masters...
  20. Dulle Griet

    A report from the Lebanese Pavilion in the Venice Biennale

    Hello Lebanese friends from the Architecture Biennale of Venice in Italy, Here, I brought to you a little gift, as I thought you would be please to see the fine work represented in the Lebanese stand at the Biennale Architettura. The Biennale is a world-known cultural event that takes place...