1. O

    Touch vs Alfa: The poll

    I'm about to buy a new line! But I'm yet to make a final decision on which of these mobile operators I'm gonna go for. I was wondering which one is more popular do you have any idea? I'd also like to hear your thoughts!
  2. O

    Hezollah Strategists: How exactly are you going to liberate Shebaa Farms?

    The talk about this topic has been elevated on Hezbollah's social media following the brutal ass-kicking our heroes in the Lebanese Armed Forces gave to ISIS. We all know that Shebaa Farms, a territory that measures 22 square kilometers, is geographically part of the strategical Golan Heights...
  3. Olive Green

    Lebanon is on the list of the 20 most dangerous countries in the world for tourists

    According to "Business insider" Lebanon is #12 on the list of the 20 most dangerous countries in the world for tourists. "Because multiple extremist groups are active in Lebanon, terrorist attack such as bombings happen frequently. It's also typical for protests and smaller disputes between...
  4. Seniorleb

    MEA Flight - From Dubai To Beirut

    MEA Flight - From Dubai To Beirut Subscribe here: SeniorLeb - YouTube
  5. tyclegg

    Why do Arabic governments treat their citizens like livestock/animals?

    STORY TIME: I am posting here because I'm sick and tired of being treated like an animal, and I don't know where to go with my story or who to vent to and that's why I'm here today, to share my story of being mistreated for almost 3 years..so here goes: First I'd like to share a little bit...
  6. Lebnaouneh

    Who liberated Lebanon?

    مارلين السبع- لجنة الاعلام في المجلس اللبناني الاميركي للديمقراطية - لم يستسلما ابداً. لم يتردّدا ابداً. لم يفقدا الأمل ابداً. رغم المعارضة الشرسة والعديد من التأخيرات والمقاومة الشديدة من قبل الإدارة الأميركية وبعض أعضاء الكونغرس الرئيسيين وبعض الكيانات السياسية اللبنانية البارزة، لم يتخل...
  7. TheMaronite

    In few words: how would you describe or assess the presidency of Michel Sleiman ?

    Feedback, assessment, scale on a 0 to 10...
  8. TheMaronite

    LFers and FPMers, would you vote for each others

    This suppose of course an alliance between LF and FPM in the coming elections, which is likely to happen in many regions in Lebanon. Parties be fairly represented in the parliament through a just and adequate electoral law I, for my part, who support one of the two, cannot vote for the other...
  9. TheMaronite

    What future do you see for the minor christian parties in Lebanon after this "new era"

    The FPM and the LF who are undeniably the two major christian parties in Lebanon will share numerous seats in the coming cabinet, while the minor ones, along with independant politicians, are expected to be absent or meagerly present (1 or 2 seats maximum). What fate do you foresee for the...
  10. Iron Maiden

    TOP 10 BEST WEDDING IN LEBANON is for fricking real

    Hey Guys! guys! guys! i bring you such wow and awesome and vip news!! The new 2016 top 10 best wedding in lebanon has finally come out! Check if your wedding or a friend/family member's wedding is in the top 10 and start the tefshikh! Enjoy the article: The Top 10 Lebanese Weddings of...
  11. Sandra Bashir

    "LebaTalk", app for Lebanese

    "LebaTalk" is a chatting application on Android for Lebanese people to Chat and Meet all Over the World. Download Link LebaTalk - Android Apps on Google Play
  12. Seniorleb

    My youtube channel

    Thank u for 300 followers!❤️❤️ Subscribe to my ‪#‎youtube‬ channel: Seniorleb (Lebanese Vlogger for cars) :) Follow the link SeniorLeb - YouTube
  13. superduper703

    Kudos to Elias Bou Saab

    A powerful antidote to the Islamic State - The Washington Post 200,000 kids being taught in our schools while Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran,Kuwait, etc. have taken in 0 refugees.
  14. technologylover

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (cbt) psychologist??

    Hi, Please i'd like that somebody kindly send me(via pm to avoid advertising for any person) the name of a good psychologist who does cbt to help with adhd & anxiety problems, & who take affordable fees (not the 120$ ones!) Thank you
  15. technologylover

    Buying medications from outside Lebanon

    Hi guys, I have a problem: I really need a medication called Intuniv(guanfacine) for my adhd(attention problems). I tried every medication for adhd available in Lebanon, but nothing works with me: I'm a fast metabolizer. So is there any way to get it from USA OR CANADA without talking to any...
  16. Seniorleb

    New memeber - Youtube

    Hi guys, I am happy to job this awesome forum, I would like for everyone to check my youtube page which I created 4 months before! Thanks SeniorLeb - YouTube
  17. S

    Football Betting in Lebanon

    Hey guys, can somebody tell me which football betting website works in Lebanon?? I mean where u can deposit and withdraw without any pain. Does bet365 work? and what Bank do u recommend because some banks are blocking these websites...