1. Iron Maiden

    Elections Butthurt galore, Iron Maiden heeds the call

    I may not have thought this through, but what the heck the call of power is too juicy to ignore. I hereby bestow upon thee, dear readers, the privilege of knowing that i am running for mod of this most orange lounge. Here’s my beautifully detailed program : - I will do my best to limit...
  2. Lebanese Basketball Memes

    Fun Share your memes/ideas!

    Hello Orrom community, WHY ARE WE HERE? Since Oroom is heavily focused on a Lebanese audience, we can't but strive to milk the Lebanese humor out of this community. We'd like to let the Oroom shape the posts, opinions and polls of our page, by sharing your ideas, memes or feedback. As soon as...
  3. Iron Maiden

    Announcements Is the Oroom really lebanon's number one discussion forum?

    All hail the great mods and admins \o/ Now i just moused over my tab and behold the tab title says "oroom lebanon's number one discussion forum". While this all good and great, i just find it hard to believe. A few years ago, *cough* before facebook *cough*, this forum could have easily flown...