1. TheMaronite

    In few words: how would you describe or assess the presidency of Michel Sleiman ?

    Feedback, assessment, scale on a 0 to 10...
  2. O

    Could banks be the last chance to fix Lebanon? – Hypothetical

    Hey, It has been a while:) Like many of the you, I was thinking of what or who can help in saving Lebanon from the absolute failure of today since there is no hope in any of the parties or governing people (recently I became supporter “kellon yan3ne kellon” slogan) Let us start with few...
  3. superduper703

    Kataeb nominate Shamel Roukoz for president

    In the current circumstances, I think it'd be a good option to stop the deadlock. What do you make of it?
  4. JustLeb

    General Shamel ROUKOZ, the rise of a new leader ?

    Recently I noticed that there is a new leader in the making even without saying a word yet. Someone who will instigate the jealousy of the Super Bassil. Lately I am seeing hundreds of sharing and praising for General Shamel ROUKOZ on Facebook !!!! Is it something programmed, or a natural...