1. AtheistForJesus

    What sort of reforms should Islam undertake, in order to become a moderate religion?

    Of all religions, Islam stands out as the most violent. And that's because Islam and Sharia are inherently complementary and co-dependent, rendering Islam at odds with modern values. When faced with criticism, Muslims are quick to remind us that Sharia is not a fundamental part of the Islamic...
  2. AtheistForJesus

    Nadine Al Rassi under attack for having described herself as Musli7iyeh

    Hi guys, I'm back with some juicy celebrity gossip. Lebanese actress Nadine Al Rassi found herslef the subject of a new controversy after sharing a post on Instagram in which she described herself as Musli7iyyeh.(Half Muslim, half Christian). Her post was met with outrage by a Christian...
  3. Goku

    Articles on Ideologies and Violence in History

    This thread is to share informative articles focused on events/associations between ideologies and violence, throughout history. As opposed to other threads, it is not intended to go 'deep' into a specific ideology, and is based on historical events not theoretical perspectives. For the...