saudi arabia

  1. AtheistForJesus

    هل سقط القناع عن ماجدة الرومي؟

    At a time when the world is boycotting Saudi Arabia following its brutal murder of Khashoggi, Majida El Roumi holds a concert in the province of al-Ola and describes Saudi Arabia as "the kingdom of good". Naturally, she was accompanied by Saudi puppets like Fouad Sanioura and Sami Fatfat, and...
  2. zero

    Involving Russia in the Lebanese Equation?

    Do you think Russia is interested in Lebanon? Is it good or bad for Lebanon? Do you think Russia should be just as much of a factor in Lebanon as the US/KSA? Should anyone even trust Russia? Do you think we dont have a choice? and why? how much should they be involved if its not a choice?