1. epedep

    New documentary on LGBT life in Syrua

    This apparently extremely well-made documentary from Dynamic Production is titled الجنس الثالث: حبُ ولد في جحيم or in English, The Third Gender: Love was Made in Hell I suggest you watch it and put on subtitles
  2. epedep

    Finally they made the map

    A couple weeks ago some guy uploaded a frontline map of virtually the whole Lebanese Civil War
  3. epedep

    Hayat Tahrir al Sham caught shooting live rounds at protesters in Idlib

    Just around a few hours ago, Assad/Jolani's Hayat Tahrir al Sham mercenaries shot at protesters in border areas of Idlib with live AK-47 rounds.
  4. H

    Syrian civil War, a model war of the 21st century

    Many consider the war in Syria to be largely over, especially after the crackdowns on multiple IS cells in the Levant. Putting all political leanings and opinions aside, one unmissable contributing factor to the war has been climate change. As such, major global policies must be put into effect...
  5. A

    Syria Top 10 JDAM Strikes...

  6. O

    Hezollah Strategists: How exactly are you going to liberate Shebaa Farms?

    The talk about this topic has been elevated on Hezbollah's social media following the brutal ass-kicking our heroes in the Lebanese Armed Forces gave to ISIS. We all know that Shebaa Farms, a territory that measures 22 square kilometers, is geographically part of the strategical Golan Heights...
  7. H

    Syria Why Does Syria Need a New Constitution ?

    There have been a lot of discussions around who may or may not draft a new Syrian Constitution after Moscow has offered its project. Some users even suggest that the actual text is almost perfect and there's no need to change it. So, why does Syria really need a new constitution?
  8. Lebnaouneh

    Who liberated Lebanon?

    مارلين السبع- لجنة الاعلام في المجلس اللبناني الاميركي للديمقراطية - لم يستسلما ابداً. لم يتردّدا ابداً. لم يفقدا الأمل ابداً. رغم المعارضة الشرسة والعديد من التأخيرات والمقاومة الشديدة من قبل الإدارة الأميركية وبعض أعضاء الكونغرس الرئيسيين وبعض الكيانات السياسية اللبنانية البارزة، لم يتخل...
  9. TheMaronite

    Syria Lebanese people: have you done anything to help the poor syrian refugees in Lebanon ?

    Or you just cross your hands and say : "you know what, Syria destroyed Lebanon , and it s fair that Syria be destroyed" or "Let others such as NGOs, humanitarian associations ... do something. What is happening does not concern me" ? I know it s hard , but I think that we need to act and help ...
  10. Republican

    Barack Obama interview with the Atlantic (April 2016) - "The Obama Doctrine"

    This interview is very long, more like a booklet, still quite important and revealing of how Obama and the US administration view the world, particularly the ME Arab (pseudo-)states...
  11. superduper703

    Kudos to Elias Bou Saab

    A powerful antidote to the Islamic State - The Washington Post 200,000 kids being taught in our schools while Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran,Kuwait, etc. have taken in 0 refugees.