1. AtheistForJesus

    Trump, an underrated comedic genius?

    Because he's always at the center of controversy, I think Trump's sense of humor goes often underappreciated. In this thread we celebrate the president's most LOL-worthy moments, from his witty responses to reporters, savage put-downs, and ridiculously-funny twitter feuds. Please note that this...
  2. Iron Maiden

    Firebombings: The United States’ best kept secret crime of WWII

    the second world war is mostly know for its two nuclear bombs dropped by the american air force over japan and the big number of civilian casualties they resulted in and many still question the ethicality of that decision and the purpose it served. but the most unethical actions ever taken and...
  3. A

    Syria Top 10 JDAM Strikes...

  4. zero

    Involving Russia in the Lebanese Equation?

    Do you think Russia is interested in Lebanon? Is it good or bad for Lebanon? Do you think Russia should be just as much of a factor in Lebanon as the US/KSA? Should anyone even trust Russia? Do you think we dont have a choice? and why? how much should they be involved if its not a choice?
  5. Republican

    Barack Obama interview with the Atlantic (April 2016) - "The Obama Doctrine"

    This interview is very long, more like a booklet, still quite important and revealing of how Obama and the US administration view the world, particularly the ME Arab (pseudo-)states...