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ما يقال بالبطركية


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7iyed isn't against acts of self-defense. You don't have the right to go to other people's countries and interfere in their matters. If you want to do it, then expect payback.

Only that, the above words perfectly fits the other side and those sectatian bigots within Lebanon who were salivating to the idea that Assad would fall and they will dominate their fellows in Lebanon on sectarian basis.

We heard those evil promises of coming after the Shia and Nasara in Lebanon after they're through with Assad in Syria and threatening words before May 2013 when Hezballah intervened in the Syrian conflict. The concept of freedom of choice doesnt exist in the encyclopaedia of those savages in Lebanon, Syria and in the entire Sunni Arab world. When the freedom of others to associate and identity with their beliefs is not respected, but threatened, we cant be neutral.

Hezballah was not taking part in the Syrian conflict for 2 years after the Arab Spring. So those savages wanted Hezballah to denounce Assad. Hezballah first exercised silence and then freedom of choice and used verbal support for Assad and the Syrian people and prayed for peaceful resolution, reforms and transparent elections. That was not enough for the bigots instigated by foreign powers to drive in a foreign plot to destroy their own lands. The other side was bent on either us or Assad and all or nothing. In the end they have nothing and Hezballah has it all and that will continue for another century and millennia. And if that reality churns anyone's stomach, feel free to get rest by exerting your intestines.

You cant be neutral when your self proclaimed enemies cant tolerate either your silence or your freedom to choose an opposing view, whether religious or political. And you cant be neutral when you hear fiery, sectarian, hate inciting speeches aimed at slitting your throats because you are from another faith group.

We saw how a Wahhabi hate preacher from Kuwait travelled all the way to Syria and massacred an entire Shia family of a scholar, including the slitting the throat of the little 3 year old son in the Syrian town of Hatla in June 2013. When you see such pictures from neighbouring Syria of a little Shia boy with his throat slit and pictures of the Speicher massacre in Iraq, pictures of the massacres of our fellow Shias, we arent going to be neutral and wait for the knife to reach our necks. And when you speak of Iraq and Yemen and Hezballah's involvement, you see the fingerprint of the same Wahhabis and their Saudi masters and western backers in all of these massacres of Shiites in the Arab world and even around the earth. So why should we ask Hezballah to be neutral when the enemy has clearly marked every Shiite as a potential and justified target in his sectarian world war? They are only asking for neutrality because we have crushed them in the Arab world with all the international support and money and weapons they have. And if they use any of their evil tactics, we will make them pay more dearly for their sectatian madness. And they are scared of the possibility that such tsunami can uproot their thrones forever.

The same should be the case for Lebanese Christians. Neutrality should not be a choice. You can choose to be with us or to be with them under the deception of neutrality. Choose to be with the victims who have fought for their victory or with the villains who continue to scheme even against you and with the cooperation of some of your very own rogue leaders who value coins to souls, like the criminal of Me'raab. It seems you haven't learned how your fellows were driven away and massacred in neighbouring countries by Sunni/Wahhabi extremist groups. You are talking of neutrality while the enemy is walking towards your throats. And the West wont save you like they didnt save your fellows in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, Libya and as far as Nigeria from continuous massacres. When Daesh comes knocking on the doors of Bkerki, the French foreign minister will go deaf, dumb and blind and forget he ever stepped foot in Bkerki. They will send the ones who survive among you boats to flee as refugees from your ancestral land. We wont be that dumb to be neutral. We wont forget. Instead, we will take up our knives and go after the sectarian villains from around the world who desecrated Syria before they succeed in Syria. We will see to their failure so they dont come knocking on our doors in Lebanon with knives aiming for our throats. Offense is the best form of defense. We'd rather have their throats slit than to wait for them to knock our doors to slit ours like they did to the poor little Syrian boy from Hatla, simply because his father was a Shia cleric. And it was a Kuwaiti Wahhabi preacher and his men who committed that massacre in Syria. Tell your deceitful and machevellian patriarch we do not need his neutrality, if he doesnt care about the lives of his own followers and can be so naive to preach such a defeatist concept. Can he be neutral in choosing between Jesus (life) and the devil (death)? Let him keep his neutrality to himself. We do not need it presently. Presently, it is the time to say no to the devil.




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7iyed isn't against acts of self-defense. You don't have the right to go to other people's countries and interfere in their matters. If you want to do it, then expect payback.
We can defend ourselves and being neutral in some files but not in national patriotic files.
So it should not be 100% la3i bil nAfs à la Michel sleymane


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He's against religious interference of Raii and wants him to garner consensus over the neutrality position. Funny how he doesn't hold other religious and political parties on the same standard.

You listen to his interviews, he calls few by name, knowing they are harmless. The patriarch is the least religious head who interfered in politics. Pity these tv stations. And even more the ones trying to make a point quoting these clowns.

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You listen to his interviews, he calls few by name, knowing they are harmless. The patriarch is the least religious head who interfered in politics. Pity these tv stations. And even more the ones trying to make a point quoting these clowns.

It doesn't get anymore dishonest than calling out a Patriarch but keeping mum about the religious militia usurping Lebanon's sovereignty.

W lek malla bda3a aslan.. Naja7 Wakim, kalb soure 2ila mazbalt ltari5.


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ما بين الممنوع و... #الممنوع.

لبنان بين الحياد الممنوع والحياد المسموح....

ممنوع على لبنان استيراد النفط من إيران بالعملة اللبنانية ولكن مسموح لعشر دول أوروبية على رأسها فرنسا إلمانيا وبريطانيا التعامل التجاري مع إيران عبر آلية مالية خاصة تفاديا للعقوبات الأميريكية.

ممنوع على لبنان الإنفتاح على الشرق ولكن مسموح للغرب بما فيه الإتحاد الاوروبي إبرام إتفاقيات ثنائية ومتعددة الأطراف مع روسيا، الصين وإيران.

ممنوع على لبنان إعادة النازحين واللاجئين الى بلادهم، ولكنه مسموح لتركيا والغرب إعادتهم وقت يشاؤون.

ممنوع على لبنان التعامل والتعاون مع سوريا في الاستيراد والتصدير بسبب "قانون قيصر" و التحدث مع الدولة السورية في شؤون البلدين بما فيها إعادة النازحين السوريين الى سوريا ومسموح للولايات المتحدة فرض ما تشاء علينا دون معارضة.

ممنوع على لبنان حق الدفاع عن النفس، ولكن مسموح لأي دولة في العالم حق الدفاع عن النفس في حال اي طائرة خرقت أجوائها.، فيما الطائرات الإسرائيلية تنتهك اجواءنا ليلا نهارا.

ممنوع على لبنان الإنفتاح على الصين، ولكن مسموح للسعودية ودول الخليج التعاملات التجارية والاستثمارات مع الصين.

ممنوع على لبنان الزراعة والصناعة والنحو صوب إقتصاد انتاجي، ومسموح الاستمرار بسياسة المصارف والدولرة والاقتصاد الريعي .

ممنوع على لبنان استنكار الاعتداء على الطائرة ماهان التي يوجد فيها مواطنين لبنانيين، فيما مرحّب بالاستنكارات الرسمية والشعبوية على قرار قاض نزيه رفض تدخل سفيرة بشؤون لبنان الداخلية.

ممنوع على لبنان أن يكون مقاوم للإعتداءات على نفطه وغازه ومياهه وأرضه، ولكنه مسموح أن يكون على الحياد لا بل خطوة مرحب بها من جانب بعض الأحزاب الداخلية التبعية و الغرب.

بالمختصر، ما بين الممنوع والمسموح، يتبين بأن الحياد يفرض الممنوع فقط.
المسموح اليوم هو الحياد والممنوع أن يكون لبنان سيد حر مستقل ومقاوم لأي إعتداء. ولو أن الدولة اللبنانية سيادية فعلاً وقرارها حرّ لما كان هناك مسموح وممنوع.
إن من ينادي بالحياد عليه أن يمارس هو الحياد قبل التنظير على الآخرين ما هو مسموح وممنوع. وأن يكون سيادي لا حيادي بالفعل لا بالقول. وأن يطالب باستقلال لبنان لا تدويله .
ملاحظة أخيرة : لم نسمع كلمة عن الإشادة بإقرار التدقيق المالي الجنائي من حياديي لبنان أم أنه لا يتناسب مع الحياد؟