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FIBA World Cup
Lebanon vs China
13 September

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A FIBA World Cup qualifiers match will take place on the 13th of September, in Lebanon - Nouhad Nawfal stadium in Zouk Mikael. This game will be critical towards Lebanon's qualifications to the World Cup in 2019.
Our national team has finished its group stage on top, and is considered one of the strongest competitors in the FIBA Asia region, the difference between us and Jordan was only a couple of points scored.

Many of the players, coaches, politicians and celebrities are calling upon everyone interested in basketball to buy the tickets and most importantly attend the match on the 13th of September to boost the Lebanese team's moral and deteriorate the rival team. We need this, Lebanon needs this exposure.

We've qualified to the World Cup before and we've beaten France with all of its NBA players back in the golden days. We need to do this again, qualifying to the World Cup is enough, but it comes with a cost. A cost that we should all be paying as basketball fans and as Lebanese citizens.

On the field, in the World Cup matches and against China, there are no sects and no political parties. There is only one team, one party, one influence: Lebanon.
Please buy the tickets online from Virgin Ticketing Box Office:

and share it with your friends.

You can place the order online, and before completing the order, you can choose BoB Finance as payment method. All tickets you choose are reserved for 10 minutes. That being said, you can reserve the tickets and jump to any BoB Finance branch and they will do the rest.
Or you could just go to BoB Finance and they'll do the procedure from A to Z.

Tickets start at 10.000 LBP only. Don't eat a burger on that day, save the money for your nation - with all its flaws - basketball isn't part of these flaws. Basketball is one of the very, very, very few sports that show how good Lebanon is.
Tickets can also be bought for 35.000 LBP which include a good view. Also, 60.000 LBP are the best in the mid-range price and finally the VIP seats at 120.000 LBP.

Ticket prices are fixed by the FIBA international committee.
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Any questions? Please reply below.

Need help reserving tickets? Please contact our certified FLB Press member on 76 88 71 79 - Call or Whatsapp message. Also note that it's not me, so please introduce yourself. You can also join our community groups and stay updated within a tight bonded family-like group.

Whatever you need, ask us, we're actively supporting people and promoting this match in order to serve our national basketball team.


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Is this the first time Lebanon qualifies to the Fiba World Cup?

@Muki what's the reason you voted "no"?