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J. Abizeid

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Who is your favorite declared or undeclared candidate?
Between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, I take Bush with heart beat.
But, if God really loves America, Elizabeth Warren might have a chance to save it…
Elizabeth Warren is my hero!
I Hope America
and the rest of the world get educated about this awesome woman!

110,000 sign Warren petition | TheHill
110,000 sign Warren petition

warrenelizabeth_121014gn.jpg?itok=cuO4UE_5 officials announced Monday that they have garnered 110,000 signatures on a petition urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for president in 2016.
The announcement comes just one week after the progressive grassroots group launched a "Run Warren Run" campaign that included a $1 million investment.
Warren has insisted that she will not run for president. And early polling has former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a huge lead against any Democratic challenger.
But the progressive group's calls for a Warren candidacy illustrate liberals' discomfort with a Clinton coronation, as well as their skepticism that Clinton is too close to Wall Street.
Warren is largely seen as a populist progressive who frequently supports more stringent banking regulations.

Here is why from 2011........................................
Ralph Nader:
Obama is a "Political Coward" For Not Appointing Elizabeth Warren

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  • J. Abizeid

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    MoveOn Spending A Million To Get Elizabeth Warren To Run

    Published on Dec 13, 2014
    "The charges came from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., the fiery leader of the party’s liberal wing. On the receiving end of her anger was Mel Watt, the former North Carolina congressman for the 12 th District, which includes part of Forsyth County. Watt was tapped by President Barack Obama to head the agency that oversees housing finance.

    The agency oversees mortgage finance titans Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both in government receivership since September 2008 at the start of the financial crisis. Warren contends Watt and his agency haven’t pushed for a reduction on the balance owed to mortgage lenders – called a principal reduction – on millions of loans placed with Fannie and Freddie that are more expensive than the home is now worth. That’s called being underwater on the mortgage.

    “You’ve been in office for nearly a year now, and you haven’t helped a single family, not even one” through principal reduction, Warren told a surprised Watt at a hearing before the Senate Banking Committee."* The Young Turks hosts Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (TYT University) break it down.
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    Ethically he’s very competitive…
    Ready for Hillary!

    I do not think the USA can afford another Bush. Even though Jeb might be the best the Bush family has to offer, compared to his sibling, I am afraid he won't be able to come out of the republican primary. Even if he did, he will not be able to alienate himself from his brother the way Romney did in 2012. He will have a hard time running against both Hilary and Georges W.
    I voted for Warren in the Senate because I think she has good qualities as a lawmaker and will contribute positively to the financial oversight and regulation. That said, I don't think she has the right qualities and resume to run a country. Sorry JAZ, I'll be looking elsewhere, not that a Massachusetts vote matters much in the presidential election ;-) Primaries maybe but MA has been a solid blue for presidents since 1984.


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    Does the President in the US have to be Maronite too? I might run.



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    Neither Clinton nor Bush will be president.... the US needs a TAWEFOU2E president, someone who is neither Democrat, nor Republican, but acceptable by everyone and who does not upset anyone.


    J. Abizeid

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    Wake up America...

    Ready for Hillary!

    I do not think the USA can afford another Bush. Even though Jeb might be the best the Bush family has to offer, compared to his sibling, I am afraid he won't be able to come out of the republican primary. Even if he did, he will not be able to alienate himself from his brother the way Romney did in 2012. He will have a hard time running against both Hilary and Georges W.
    Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton is a 'menace to the United States' | Early & Often

    Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton is a 'menace to the United States'
    Wed, 10/29/2014

    She may be leading all of the polls looking ahead to the 2016 presidential election, but Ralph Nader, the former Green Party and Independent Party presidential candidate, doesn't want anything to do with Hillary Clinton.
    In an interview with WeAreChange earlier this week, Nader sounded off on Clinton, saying she's "a menace to the United States."

    He starts off by saying she's too big of a
    "corporatist and a militarist."

    But then he kicks it up a notch.
    “She thinks Obama is too weak, he doesn’t kill enough people overseas," Nader said. "So she’s a menace to the United States of America.”
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    Danny Z

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    Neither Clinton nor Bush will be president.... the US needs a TAWEFOU2E president, someone who is neither Democrat, nor Republican, but acceptable by everyone and who does not upset anyone.

    Ma badna Clinton nor Bush enough ikta3

    J. Abizeid

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    Bush vs. Clinton…………..
    As Nader puts it: One Corporate Party with Two Heads

    Let the show begin…………
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    J. Abizeid

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    Bush vs. Clinton…………..
    As Nader puts it: One Corporate Party with Two Heads

    Let the show begin…………

    Jeb Bush v. Hillary Clinton: the Perfectly Illustrative Election


    By Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwald

    Jeb Bush yesterday strongly suggested he was running for President in 2016. If he wins the GOP nomination, it is highly likely that his opponent for the presidency would be Hillary Clinton.
    Having someone who is the brother of one former president and the son of another run against the wife of still another former president would be sweetly illustrative of all sorts of degraded and illusory aspects of American life, from meritocracy to class mobility. That one of those two families exploited its vast wealth to obtain political power, while the other exploited its political power to obtain vast wealth, makes it more illustrative still: of the virtually complete merger between political and economic power, of the fundamentally oligarchical framework that drives American political life.
    Then there are their similar constituencies: what Politico termed “money men” instantly celebrated Jeb Bush’s likely candidacy, while the same publication noted just last month how Wall Street has long been unable to contain its collective glee over a likely Hillary Clinton presidency. The two ruling families have, unsurprisingly, developed a movingly warm relationship befitting their position: the matriarch of the Bush family (former First Lady Barbara) has described the Clinton patriarch (former President Bill) as a virtual family member, noting that her son, George W., affectionately calls his predecessor “my brother by another mother.”
    If this happens, the 2016 election would vividly underscore how the American political class functions: by dynasty, plutocracy, fundamental alignment of interests masquerading as deep ideological divisions, and political power translating into vast private wealth and back again. The educative value would be undeniable: somewhat like how the torture report did, it would rub everyone’s noses in exactly those truths they are most eager to avoid acknowledging.

    J. Abizeid

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    Elizabeth Warren speaks about realizing your worth and her views on the 2016 Presidential Elections

    by Craig Dalton — April 11, 2015

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) shares how she realized to speak out and stand up for herself. She opened up about her initial days of struggle as a young mother to put her child in day care while she could continue studying. “I desired child care,” she claimed. “This became the central hurdle and it was a horrible hurdle.”

    Warren touched on this and other topics that resonate with functioning mothers — these types of issues such as sexism in the place of work and the influence of the 2008 economical crisis on working households — in an extremely particular keynote delivered on Friday at the Know Your Price meeting in Philadelphia.

    “Realizing your worth, to me,” she explained for the duration of the keynote, “suggests realizing when to stand up, figuring out when to speak out and realizing when to struggle for yourself and to struggle for the persons you love.”

    Warren has been on CNN, CBS, Conan, and The Daily Present. She was out promoting the paperback edition of her guide “A Fighting Chance“.

    These interviews were being her final to be ready to dodge thoughts about Clinton (“I feel we have to see, very first of all, if she declares,” she claimed on CBS “This Morning,”) and a preview of the sort of part she could engage in 2016 as a non-prospect.

    On CNN’s “New Day,” Warren was asked what her “aspiration presidential prospect” would be like, and like any superior politician, she didn’t directly answer the query, but explained, “I imagine what our election should be about … is how we are going to pull back again and make Washington work for families again.”

    Warren would like considerably less dollars in Washington, a higher minimum amount wage and decreased curiosity premiums on college student loans even without being a candidate.

    In answer to a public opinion question in regarding who they thought would make the best president who isn’t running or who won’t run, says Michele Baeuber, from Southside, “I have been a big fan of Elizabeth Warren for many years. Her intellect, her knowledge of the financial and economical situations of today are outstanding. Not only is she a watchdog over Wall Street, she is also for the American consumer. I would love to see Elizabeth Warren run, but I am thrilled that she is in the U.S. Senate. “

    J. Abizeid

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    Rand Paul Slams Hillary Clinton's 'Grand Hypocrisy' - NBC News

    Rand Paul Slams Hillary Clinton's 'Grand Hypocrisy'

    Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul says that the Clintons "think they're above the law" and that there is "a grand hypocrisy" to Hillary Clinton's acceptance of donations from countries with poor records on women's rights.

    "I think the thing is about the Clintons is that there's a certain sense that they think they're above the law," he said in an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press."

    Paul argued that Clinton is wrong to say that Republicans are waging a "war on women" even as the Clinton Foundation receives funding from Saudi Arabia.

    "Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries that rape victims are publicly lashed," he said, describing a recent case of a woman in Saudi Arabia who was whipped after being gang raped by seven men. "We should be boycotting, voluntarily boycotting a country, not buying stuff from a country that does that to women," he said.

    Paul stopped short of saying that the United States should officially dissolve alliances with Saudi Arabia but suggested that individuals should consider a "voluntary boycott" of the country akin to America's view towards South Africa during apartheid.

    "I would expect Hillary Clinton if she believes in women's rights, she should be calling for a boycott of Saudi Arabia. Instead, she's accepting tens of millions of dollars," he said. "And I think it looks unseemly. And there's going to be some explaining she's going to have to come up with."

    Paul's campaign also announced a new anti-Clinton ad that will *** on cable television in key primary states. The ad calls Clinton's run "a path to the past" and derides her as "the worst of the Washington machine."


    J. Abizeid

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    What Hillary Clinton
    Would Need to Do to Win

    APRIL 12, 2015

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to announce on Sunday that she is running for president. Here is a look at what she will need to do to win.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton in March in New York City. Credit Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

    The Coalition
    Mrs. Clinton can expect little if any opposition in the Democratic primaries. In the general election, she will need to win over the so-called Obama coalition of blacks and young, college-educated white voters who supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. But she will also need to maintain her base of support among white working-class women while battling it out for college-educated women in the suburbs. White working-class men have drifted away from the Democratic Party, but Mrs. Clinton has appeal among those who still harbor warm feelings for Bill Clinton. Hispanics overwhelmingly supported Mrs. Clinton over Mr. Obama in the 2008 Democratic primaries, but overhauling the nation’s immigration laws has become a more divisive issue since then, and some Hispanics wonder how committed Mrs. Clinton is to it. To win crucial states like Florida and Colorado, she will need to convince them that she is on their side.


    Mrs. Clinton on the campaign trail in Iowa in 2008. Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times

    The Map
    Ohio will again be the classic battleground, but changing demographics have put other states in play, including Colorado, Nevada and Virginia. Pennsylvania, where Mrs. Clinton won the 2008 primary by nine points, will be a bellwether. Michigan and New Hampshire will also be hotly contested. Mrs. Clinton’s team has hinted that she will also invest in potential long shots like North Carolina and, depending on resources, Georgia, with its growing population of younger black and Latino voters. And as much as they will play down the importance of Florida — especially if Jeb Bush becomes the Republican nominee — the Sunshine State will be critical to a Clinton victory.
    The Message
    Expect a nearly constant emphasis on leaving a better country to voters’ children and grandchildren. Mrs. Clinton will weave in her own experiences as a mother and grandmother to try to persuade voters that she is best positioned to address income inequality and to aid the middle class. Her economic message will highlight issues that resonate with women in particular, including a higher minimum wage, paid family and medical leave,early childhood education, and affordable child care.

    Why She Will Win
    Mrs. Clinton has nearly 100 percent name recognition as well as a built-in base of support among working-class women. Republicans will need to catch up, and they face a potentially brutal primary season in which they will be pushed to the right on issues like immigration and education, which could drive independents into Mrs. Clinton’s arms in a general election. But demographics are the biggest obstacle for Republicans: Unless the nominee can win over Hispanics and make inroads with women and young voters, Mrs. Clinton starts with a significant edge thanks to population changes nationally and, particularly, in many of the likely battleground states. Mrs. Clinton should also enjoy an enormous financial advantage in a campaign that is expected to cost her $2.5 billion, with the help of “super PAC” donations and nearly universal support within the Democratic establishment.

    Why She Won't
    Mrs. Clinton was similarly well positioned when she declared her candidacy in 2007, only to be defeated by a surprisingly strong opponent, Mr. Obama. The biggest concerns now, by contrast, are internal: Can she avoid the managerial and strategic dysfunction that plagued her campaign in the 2008 primaries? Can her younger operatives, who rely on data and analytics, be empowered even if some in the Clintons’ old guard of friends and advisers favor a more traditional approach? Can she appeal to young people, and inspire blacks who were energized by Mr. Obama? Above all, can she represent the future more than the past?


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    What is it with th usa and the bush family

    Jeb bush is a walking disaster

    Come on,the usa can and should easily put forward better candidates ....


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    Voting for Democrats! Unless a Republican promises to have domestic policy as priority rather than wars and foreign affairs...