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USA 2016 u.s. presidential elections [donald trump wins]

Who would you vote for?

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  • LVV

    Well-Known Member
    Frankly Anti Trump why you don’t talk politics
    The economy is better
    Jobs are created
    Stock market up 25 percent
    A deal on immigration in January
    A deal on regulations and infrastructure this year
    You will lose the Americans will see in November a much better America
    Wage growth is 2,5 percent up for the first time in years
    Even The NY Times acknowledges the Trump Pro business effect on the economy
    196000 Jobs created in Industry this year
    A record

    Red Phoenix

    Legendary Member
    steve banon talking sh-t about trump to reporters like that was bound to bite him back in the ass

    from what i can tell he totally deserved what trump said about him

    one can get big, but should always remember others are bigger than him

    one major mistake is more than enough to disqualify him