USA 2016 u.s. presidential elections [donald trump wins]

Who would you vote for?

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  • sadek2010


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    That is true in principle I don’t know but Perhaps They have the answers in the Russian military complex but all this cost a lot of money and even if the technology is here I doubt they can do all of this
    The US say the nuclear cruise missile crashed in all the experiments
    A lot of these are still not operational
    So a big potential and propaganda until know
    All what putin said is not true :) there is nothing true :) later he ll sya “ i said it just to check if u know that it s not true .”
    As usuall he can say whatever he wants :))) but everyone knows he is a liar

    Ralph N

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    A lot of what you predict can be guessed by speculation beforehand
    Maybe...even I doubt it sometimes...

    But why didnt anyone else see this trend? Why did I say crazy things in times no one could imagine it was plausible...
    Anyway... few things I said could not be met with normal expectations or speculations...
    Me too I wonder how it happens so precisely..but it does... And I am still waiting two more to go...If those two happens then I will say I really had a strong feeling about this or I had a strong wish about this which confirms humans are not weak...
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    The second obviously, of which (I am implying) the first is a symptom.
    No, changing of cabinet members is not a symptom of anything. It is meaningless to us.

    Presidential cabinet serves at pleasure of The POTUS and they are obligated to execute policies that President defines.

    If you expect policies to change (which is meaningless to us), then you should wait for new President to come into Office.