USA 2016 u.s. presidential elections [donald trump wins]

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    Bloomberg tackles more leftwing democrat Harris over healthcare for all plan.
    Democratic inhouse fighting between liberals and more leftwing candidates is starting to heat up, more to come at 8pm, stay tuned!

    Kamala Harris and Michael Bloomberg Clash on Medicare for All
    All these DINO's using conservative talking points against universal health care.

    Medicare for all will be cheaper than current health care expenditure, and will produce better results. We currently pay 3x more than other developed nations, with worse outcomes (lower life expectancy, higher mortality, not everyone is covered...). So, yes we can afford it. Senators who proposed Medicare for all have outlined how they are going to pay for it.

    But this talking point falls flat at its core. We always find money for things. Every day. Money for weapons. Money for tax cuts. Money for disaster relief. Money for the President's golf trips and golf cart rentals for secret service at his clubs. There's always money to be found, reallocated, borrowed, collected, etc.

    When it comes down to it, we can afford anything we want, especially when we make it a priority. National defense is a priority so we allocate funds even when we're deficit spending. The government can also levy taxes and print more money, or they can borrow from other countries. National health is an investment. It is not a pure cost. Our economy will be stronger. Businesses will have extra money to spend and citizens will have peace of mind and a substantially lower health care bill, eliminating great financial burden (medical bankruptcy is primary reason of financial bankruptcy in the US).

    "We can't afford it" is the sorriest excuse of an argument, but it is sort of a declaration of values. Joe Biden said it best, "Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I'll tell YOU what you value." What do these billionaires value, يا ترى


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    5 millions jobs created
    600,000 manufacturing jobs created when no one believed it
    Lowest unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics
    58 percent of new jobs created for Women
    Tax credit doubled
    Increase in salaries
    China on it knees
    NAFTA replaced with better deal
    Criminals reform
    USA biggest energy producer in the world
    Energy exporter
    ObamaCare penalty removed
    US military restored
    Illegal immigration going down
    Drugs medication price going down
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