2019 Coronavirus Disease "COVID-19" [USA Surpasses China in Total Confirmed Cases]

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  • vegojimbo


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    No, there was nothing wrong with Trump's comments. It's only accurate to call it the Chinese virus, considering it originated in China.
    The 1918 pandemic was also referred to as the Spanish Flu"
    The Spanish Flu didn't originate in Spain.
    And the disease is called Covid19 by the WHO, the only entity allowed to name it.
    Calling it the Chinese virus actually serves as a reminder of China's culpability for the pandemic (punishing whistleblowers, spreading false information, not banning wet markets...)
    the US had 2 whole months to prepare for the pandemic yet did nothing. So when the shit hits the fan in the US, can we call it the "Trump fiasco" or the "Trumpian disaster"?
    China screwed up really bad and now the world is paying for this mess. The least we can do is call it the Chinese virus.
    and what does that serve except increase racism and bigotry?


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    رئيس مستشفى صيدا الحكومي: تحويل 39 حالة مشتبه بإصابتها الى بيروت


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    نقل مريض قادم من إيطاليا من مستشفى بعلبك إلى بيروت الحكومي
    الثلاثاء ٢٤ آذار ٢٠٢٠ 19:47متفرقات

    أفاد مراسل "النشرة" في بعلبك عن أنه تم نقل مريض مشتبه بإصابته بمرض كورونا من مستشفى بعلبك الحكومي إلى مستشفى بيروت الحكومي الجامعي، والمريض قادم من ايطاليا وكان في الحجر الصحي حيث تدهورت حالته الصحية