30 years till now, did the governments achieve anything notable other than playing blame games ?



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It's that time again, where everything is blocked and all parties are throwing accusations at each other.

This is a small history of the blame games that happened during these 30 years, did any party ever address the real issues when they happened?

Syrian Occupation Blaming everything on Israeili Agents
14 March Rule Emile Lahoud presidency Blaming everything on Lahoud and Syrian intervention
Michel Sleiman presidency Blaming everything on HA weapons
Blaming FPM/HA for blocking reforms
14 March & 8 March Alliance Garbage crisis 14 March accusing protesters of being HA/Pro-syrians
8 March accusing protesters of being manipulated by CIA agents
Economy crisis Blaming The Economist, Fitch of spreading bad reputation
Economy crumbles Blaming road blocks, swearing
Revolution 14 March accusing HA of manipulating the revolution in the background to remove Hariri
8 March accusing Otpor
HA accusing hidden agendas to remove their weapons
FPM accusing the revolution on conspiracy for oil
Government resigns FPM/HA accusing revolution of being manipulated by 14 march
Government discussions crumble 8 March / 14 March throwing accusations on each other of blocking
8 March Rule Hariri backs down, Hassan Diab Assigned Accusing the revolution of blocking the government formation
2 weeks after the revolution calmed down, no government FPM / HA / Amal Accusing each other
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    When i look at the state of lebanon now and how bad it got ... it is an achievement not a good one
    in short:
    Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

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    they did achieve one thing, building an army of 400,000 state employees who vote and cheer for them at every opportunity.
    the only way to break the cycle is sadly an option nobody wants, the lira should collapse and go past the 5000LL so that all these state employees can no longer survive from the bones thrown at them by the state mafia.