A report from the Lebanese Pavilion in the Venice Biennale

Dulle Griet

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Hello Lebanese friends from the Architecture Biennale of Venice in Italy,
Here, I brought to you a little gift, as I thought you would be please to see the fine work represented in the Lebanese stand at the Biennale Architettura.

The Biennale is a world-known cultural event that takes place every two years. It is divided in different brances, such as Architecture and Art, aside from the Lagoon Film Festival. Every country which partecipates has a space or an own pavilion, in which the theme of the current Biennale is interpreted and expressed.
The theme of this edition is "Common Ground", and the Lebanese Stand, among the other things, covered interesting subjects around: "Musha's Lands: saving what remains, the case of Tibneen", "the evolution and significance in the Lebanese context of bureaucratic approach and neo-liberal appropriation of Musha's Lands" "Tibneen: ecological landscape approach"

Enjoy, and visit the Biennale, you will be amazed by the Near-Eastern taste of Venetian architecture!


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