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A few years ago i was visiting in Lebanon, i was chatting with a teenage girl at one of the kids' playgrounds, she told me she volunteered at one of the orphanages, not sure which one... she said she was horrified when once one of the kids came to one of the "caregivers" crying and saying "i want my mom".. the very smart and caring caregiver pushed him away and said "rou7 ya ebne... la fi mama wala fi baba, ma te7lam!!", the kid kept crying and the teenager was horrified!

I wish local and international organizations can do something about this and give those kids a better life than this! it's heartbreaking.

the mentality in lebanon is different bro. hal opinions of 3eib and the kid is not yours etc. hence some people have kids out of wedlock and just chuck them in the dumpster which doesnt really happen in the west. they dont want it they have an abortion.


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In the United States, adoption is the process of creating a legal parent-child relationship between a child and a parent who was not automatically recognized as the child's parent at birth. ... About two million Americans are adopted. About 150,000 adoptions happen each year, including about 50,000 foster-care adoptions.

Adoption costs can range from almost nothing for foster care adoptions to over $50,000 for international adoptions, in 2015 U.S average adoption costs is $37,000

2 million in the US wow!!
هؤلاء الصليبيون يغطاظون من الأسلامّ ويبتدعون أسم جديد "لكفالة اليتيم" ويسمّونه "التبني المفتوح" خخخخخخخ وكأنه اليتيم عبارة عن"أوبن سوفت وير" ... ههههههههه


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Lebanon’s rules are backwards. is it better for the child to be on the streets or not have a carer taking care of him?

Apparently in the eyes of whatever agency/orphanage they were going through, the answer is yes. I'm not going to pretend like adoption is easy or less exhausting or less expensive elsewhere (as you show above), but at the very least you have a centralized process that can be navigated without arbitrary barriers depending on both your sect and the sect of the orphanage.

Bottom line, i hope this article will not discourage ANYONE from adopting. The few examples above do not represent everyone, and FOR SURE, does not reflect how many other adoptive parents feel about their kids... an i am saying this from experience.

Couldn't agree more. It's always important to remember that these things reflect the views and narrative of the writer/editor/journalist etc much more than the parent or child. They're not a full picture of the complexity of these relationships.