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Assyrians being persecuted by Muslims.. in Sweden

Ice Tea

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Assyrians in Sweden are facing threats of violence from a number of people, the Syriac National Federation told the Swedish newspaper Samhällsnytt this week.

On Monday, the Syriac National Federation published a Facebook post in which they reveal a number of threats they have received from Arabic-speaking people.

According to the post, the Syriac National Federation has contacted the police in Sweden about these threats; however, nothing has been done to ensure their security.

Several members of the group commented on the post and called on the SNF to create a police force to deal with these threats.

One user said, “We must get our own police!”

The SNF said they have received threats on several occasions, with little to no action taken by the police.

“It’s a little different. They can, for example, accuse us of going to Western countries’ in the Middle East and being traitors. At one point they said they will do the same with us in Sweden as they did in the Middle East,” the SNF said.

When asked what these threats mean, the SNF said it “is the genocide that has been carried out in the Middle East against Christians. We have moved these groupings to Sweden, but they have caught up with us here.”

“We expect some ****ing civil war between different groups if someone does not put down his foot. The people who did terrible acts in the Middle East, they are here now … and no one seems to care,” they continued.

According to previous information for Social News, there is a widespread feeling of resignation among Syrians in Sweden that concerns the rule of law’s ability to protect them and prosecute crimes.


Ice Tea

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Sweden has turned into shit hole country long time ago.

The barbaric animals accuse us of leaving our homelands and running to Western countries and calls us traitors after persecuting and killing us. At least our Christian culture is very similar to that of the West.

The irony is that no one persecutes Muslims and they still try to go the West they have NOTHING in common. And after getting there and finding us there they try to do the same to us what they did back in our homelands.

Ice Tea

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@Aoune32! I know there's an influx of Assyrians coming to Australia, Sydney especially. As Christians, you should welcome them and make them feel comfortable and loved. These poor and innocent people are traumatized by barbaric Muslim persecution. Lebanese Christians are the closest brothers to Assyrians, so it's the Christians' duty to welcome them into their suburbs.

My Moria Moon

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Sort of Fat Fake News. Assyrians in Sweden constitute one of the strongest and most self-confident communities among foreigners. Some ISIS chicken hissing anonymous threats via phone calls is mosquito buzzing in the ears of those people. It's actually the other way around. There's rumors some tough Assyrian gangs have declared plans to form assassin squads with the aim to track and kill every single ISIS piece of sh!t who managed to return back to Sweden from their adventure abroad. They namely accuse them directly for the killing of Christians in Syria and Iraq and swore not to allow them to go unpunished.