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AUB Architecture


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I have recently applied to the AUB Architecture program for 2018/19 as a sophomore. I am a bit worried (nothing new).
Basically my SAT scores that I sent were my October (1250) and December (1390, 720 in Math and 670 in English and a percentile of 95% worldwide) and I am taking the IB Diploma program with a total of 36/42 which I am assuming is pretty high because in the UK top universities (excluding Oxford and Cambridge) needed 36 anyways.
I am ranked top 10% between 124 students. As for my grade 10 scores they were to put it nicely terrible, 80% and before that 86%. I am not sure if they would end up asking for a portfolio or anything but I am pretty confident that my drawings and portfolio are strong and consistent showing both my strengths and weaknesses. How do my chances into getting in look?
It would be great if anyone could help me.