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Hello please I would ask if someone can help in finding any school in lebanon or outside lebanon that let me become a pilot.
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    you can start looking at schools in Greece ,cypress or south Africa

    they have very good schools and are somewhat affordable but just a friendly warning unless your guaranteed flying hours with a reputable company after completing flying school i would think twice before starting anything


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    Hello please I would ask if someone can help in finding any school in lebanon or outside lebanon that let me become a pilot.
    First of all, note that becoming a pilot is not like going to a university and ending up with a degree. It's a license with additional ratings that allows you to fly different type of aircraft. Generally a high school diploma is the minimum requirement to join a flight school.

    What kind of pilot do you intend to be? If you want to fly as a hobby, you can easily do that in Lebanon at any of the 3 flying schools. Aeroclub of Lebanon, Beirut Wings, and Open Sky Aviation. Be aware that the license is a "private" pilot license which allows you to fly airplanes up to 13,500 lbs, with passengers but NOT for hire or reward. None of the schools are perfect, each schools has its ups and downs. However, Beirut Wings ceased and started operations many times in the past few years, they are not very stable, I don't recommend them to be honest.

    If you want to fly commercially, I do not advise you to do your training at any of these schools even if they offer you the licenses. there are a lot of good schools out there but again depends on what you want and where would you like to work. Note that in Europe, most if not all of the airlines require an EU passport. If you want to work in the States or Canada, you should consider immigration otherwise getting your first flying job would be a real headache.

    If you choose to do your training in the States or Canada, after finishing training and getting all your licenses, you'll need to work as a flight instructor, banner tower, pipeline patrol pilot, bush pilot or any of these in order to get the required 1,500 hours and get your ATPL. the pay is really low in these jobs. After getting the first 1,500 hours you can apply to the regional airlines, again the pay is awful. after 5-6 years at a regional airline, you will stand a chance to apply to the majors where the pay is quite descent. The gulf is another option, but again 1,500 hours of jet time is required.

    MEA has its own cadet pilot program where you'll be sent to FTE Jerez in Spain to do your training up to EASA CPL/IR (Frozen ATPL), followed by an Airbus A320 type rating in Lebanon. The whole training takes around 18 months to start flying as a first officer (co-pilot). The selection process takes around 6 months of examinations and interviews. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree, aged between 20-26, medically fit... Detailed information could be found on their website.