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Beirut Grand Prix - Supercar racing event for non-professional drivers


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When is it ?

17, 18 September 2016

What is it ?

The Beirut Grand Prix is the First Supercar Racing Event for Non-Professional Drivers of its Kind To Hit The Streets of Lebanon.
Showcasing beautiful supercars from across the Middle East, the event will bring race enthusiasts together in the country’s capital to take part in a world-class gentlemen’s race.

Guaranteed to attract a massive crowd, the Beirut Grand Prix will be a spectacle unlike anything the city has ever seen. The two-day race event will also host live entertainment, parties, a market for arts and crafts, food and drinks, and so much more!

The Route:

Stretched across 11 KMs of Lebanese soil, the Beirut Grand Prix is set to start at Ramlet el Bayda.
From there, the drivers will speed through Raouche, Manara and Ain Mreiseh before reaching a turn at the Phoenicia Hotel.
They will head towards the tunnel that leads to Saleem Sleim, and come out of it taking a right turn in the direction of Corniche el Mazraa.
They will then make a turn at UNESCO on to the Marriott highway before crossing the finish line back at Ramlet el Bayda.

More details: http://beirutgp.com/media/BGPRouteMaps.pdf

How to participate ?

All you need to register is a super car. (Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes AMG, Lamborghini, ...) and of course to know how to drive it.
You will also need to pass a qualification lap on July 17. The qualifications will be held on Charles Helou street. (1.73 KM).

The fees are : 4,000 USD and you will get with it a free racing suit.

Register here: Beirut Grand Prix - Register Participant

How to attend ?

Tickets start at 50 USD to 200 USD. The event wont be broadcasted live so the only way to watch it is by attending.

3 Lucky ticket holders will get the chance to win one of these 3 cars: Porsche Cayenne 2016 - Porsche Cayman 2016 - Porsche Boxster 2016

You can buy your tickets from here: Grand Prix Beirut at beirut ramle el bayda | Ticketing BoxOffice

More info:

. All the route will be freshly laid with a new layer of asphalt
. Over 20 huge LED screens will be distributed all over Beirut
. Over 200 mobile bathrooms will be installed in Beirut
. This is the safety car that they will be using: (Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6)


. Beirut Grand Prix
. BEIRUT Grand Prix (@beirutgrandprix) • Instagram photos and videos
. Beirut Grand Prix


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very classy folk ..very professional team ..
i love how they concluded i am poor and illiterate because i oppose them :)

A little less flaunting money, and a little more learning to write wouldn't hurt these "elite people." Especially when they're advising others to go to school. :rolleyes:


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Apparently anyone who can pay 4000$ can participate, regardless of skills? And, apparently, there was already an accident while they were filming a promo video? And, apparently, they don't want to follow the regulations of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile because they think it's a "Zionist" organization?

Their website is owned by a certain Hussein Fawaz. Anyone know anything about him?


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I admit. It's sort of a guilty pleasure to see elitist idiots 3am bi kassro ba3d in their expensive cars.
they don't want to follow the regulations of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile because they think it's a "Zionist" organization


So how do these guys give away Porches? Do they collect $100,000 in entry fees and viewer ticket income, and then give a $60,000 car away? I'm interested in setting up an event like this, what is the capital required? hehe