BETA completes the biggest rescue operation in Lebanon to this day, saving the lives of 83 dogs



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Dear friends,

As part of our ongoing efforts in helping animals, we have implemented the biggest rescue operation in Lebanon to this day, saving the lives of 83 dogs who were in horrific conditions.

On Sunday, May 13th, we received the horrific images of dogs in urgent need of help, dogs that looked extremely emaciated and starved, and according to the anonymous tip, over 30 dogs had lost their lives in the previous two months.

Getting to the dogs immediately at night meant trespassing, and on Monday morning, we filed a complaint at the Jounieh police station that took immediate action under orders of an attorney general, Judge Tanios Saghbini and accompanied BETA members to the site, only to find that the dogs had not eaten for over 72 hours! The dogs were either dying or could not sustain themselves, especially that they had been severely malnourished for the previous eight weeks!

After checking the premises, it turned out the images did not show the truth about the nightmare that awaited us and the reality the poor dogs had to endure on daily basis. Skeletons of dogs were everywhere! The ones who were still fighting to survive were howling in distress and hunger, and even though a vet accompanied us on site and despite all our efforts and attempts, we were too late for some, and a puppy passed away between our arms.
Some dogs had difficulty standing up or moving, let alone take care of their tiny puppies who were struggling in the heat, the lives ones playing next to the corpses of their siblings.

We were onsite on daily basis, trying to provide the basic needs of the dogs while the legal complaint was underway. Finally, on May 18th, Judge Saghbini gave BETA legal custody of the 83 surviving neglected and abused dogs at the breeding and boarding facility in Mount Lebanon and on May 20th the facility's owner, facing the campaign BETA undertook against him, with the help of lawyer M. Adnan Labban, willingly waived all his ownership rights over the dogs. The sheer number of dogs makes this the largest animal rescue operation in Lebanon so far.

Legal procedures are undergoing, and the penal court is yet to announce a verdict naming the penalties that will be bestowed upon the facility's owner.
Neglect took the lives of ten dogs in total, and due to the horrible flea and tick infestation, the 83 dogs are currently being tested for Ehrlichia, anemia and other deadly diseases. They are under BETA’s custody, receiving much needed medical care and they will be up for adoption after their full recovery.

We could not turn a blind eye to the horror, but with 640 dogs and 150 cats at our shelters, we cannot handle the additional 83 dogs without your help! And we need your support more than ever before!

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    This is exactly why people should adopt pets from local rescue shelters and not buy them. Those cruel puppy mills should not be encouraged and supported. Great work by BETA.