Blowing ur Speakers.

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    great intro and production but i felt like it goes downhill right as he starts singing
    Yes, that's how I kind of felt when hearing it the first time. But the band has multiple singers and I find some of them to be quite good. What I particularly find entertaining is how you can pick up the multitude of influences throughout the song.
    Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden

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    @Iron Maiden
    Share some of what you consider "good" metal music. I'm trying to expand my musical horizons.
    All metal is good metal :D

    It all boils down to how fast, melodic, aggressive, theme u like.

    I'll start u up with my introductory package :p

    Classic heavy metal:

    Thrash metal:

    Prog metal:

    Power metal:

    And for a more local dish, heres an Israeli band with a lebanese belly dancer, saw them a couple of weeks ago :p they're hippies and shes hot lol

    U can also check the heavy metal thread, posted som good stuff there