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[Breaking] Explosion In Ain Qana

So Israel was right after all..
Hezbollah is indeed using the people of the south as human shields to their illegal military operation.
Are those people going to wake up of their deep slumber ?

Fady Sawan needs to drop his case and go home
it is crystal clear what really happened at Beirut port now.

lol, have you ever been to the south?


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No matter how they spin it.. whether it is an arms depot, or old bombs/rockets from the war, or whatever.. it is very irresponsible to store anything like that so close to a residential area.

HA have weapons depots everywhere in Lebanon in residential areas or elsewhere and especially in Christians areas (we saw what happened in the port we fehemkon zyede) do you really expect a terrorist militia to be responsible ??
anyway a new “accident”,“technical error” or whatever they ll call it.