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Call: Why dont Lebanese National Teams in sports play in Purple ?


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I see the Dutch play in Orange and stadiums covered in orange. Italians in blue. Neither countries have that color on their flag. I think the Dutch has it on their coat of arms, not sure if the Italians has it on theirs, but i'm sure it has a historic meaning hence their name gli azzuri.

Didn't the Phoenicians discover the Color out of the murex ? Tyrian Purple or Royal Purple whatever.

So the simple question is why dont our national teams play in purple ?

Or do they consider the red color on our flag and national teams as Maroon or Red wine as "purple" ? I hear alot of people think it is purple but it is not! It has a certain spectrum but All I see is red on our flag, not maroon.

Why dont we embrace this color ? Why does Qatar play in that color or is it more to the dark brown on their sports teams ? Fiorentina plays in it.

Anyone ever thought of this and agrees ?
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Praise the lord, someone discussing the important issues. Totally agree, we need to wear purple and design a murex mascot.