Cannabis virgin looking for help

My Moria Moon

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I can count on my three fingered carpenter's hand less than two first timers who made it to the other side of the fog without losing their fingers .. oops, I mean minds. But you manifesto have nothing to lose.

Here's few things you need to watch for during the trip however, do not panic if you, despite my warnings, do encounter them. They might completely destroy your delicate psyche, but you'll survive.. eventually.. perhaps.

1- Avoid looking at the palms of your hands. Else you might suddenly see a huge tree trunk rapidly grow there, with your own blood veins rushing out through your skin to build its branches.
2- Day or night, do not take one puff before you put your darkest sunglasses on. Direct exposure to moon- or sunlight is known to cause toxic itching in the rectum while inhaling the fumes for the first time.
3- No matter how much the people you're with insist, refuse their awful taste of music. Use your own fingers to tip tap your favorite nomadic melody, for example "deggi deggi ya rababa..Deggi 3a frag el 7ibaba".


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Ya me7tel ya @AtheistForJesus! It all makes sense now. :cigar:


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There is noway that you don't feel anything, unless you don't know how to inhale the smoke.
Never a tobacco smoker before?

It is a common occurence


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Weed’s great (especially if you can get the high-grade stuff), but if you really wanna have some fun, ingest some of these!



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So a friend of mine offered me a joint as a token of our friendship.
But I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to weed.

Should I be alone when smoking the joint?
Is it to safe smoke this with people around me? Does it cause hangover-like symptoms. I'd appreciate some guidance, thanks.

Disclaimer: I'm currently in Amsterdam so I'm not doing anything illegal.
Kind of missed this thread due to occupation with silly and frivolous things like Lebanon's destiny.
Hopefully by now you have had your cannabis virginity broken in and become a cannabis nymph.

Any more advice on anything at all in your life feel free to seek.


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dakhanet Zaatar probably
Haha speaking of Za3tar. Once u[pon the time there was a gathering of about ten people. Sahranin w mabsoutin a building away from where I lived. One woman present said she wanted to try marijuana. I said it must be your lucky day i just happen to have some. So I went home and rolled a joint of oregano leaves and tobacco and took it back to the crowd and had the first puff. The joint did the round . The woman said God what is happening to me . I feel dizzy and have a bit of headache. One Leb weed expert said it's good albeit slightly weak. I was LMAO and told them it was excellent, look what a great effect it's having on me. I figured I add a personal touch to it. The expert, seeing how hard I was laughing (at them) upgraded his opinion from slightly weak to good after taking a couple more puffs.

When I finally revealed the truth to the gathering, the woman who had a dizzy spell suddenly could stand on her feet and her headache miraculously gone. The expert returned to his previous opinion and downgraded it to weak again as to not look foolish.

Moral of the story never waste good weed on amateurs or Atheists.