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Cheikh Sob7i ELtoufayle today


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Cheikh SOb7e eltoufaily,
stated that he won't be participating or backing some body in the elections.
Plus,he said that Iran have put a pressure on him and his mates in order to spread a conflict between them and to marginalise him.
He also said that the defence of the south is not the Hizballah role,but it is the lebanese army role...
I must say that this man is wanted by the lebanese authorities because he is condemned in giving orders for killing people in 1998 (2 soldiers and one lieutenant).


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You forgot the most important part.
When asked about the arrest warrant against him, he sofly replies: let them come and get me.

A few weeks ago, Palestinian abouAl3anayin, an outlaw for teh lebanese justice that was hiding untouchable in the Palestian camps, paid Mr. Berri a visit.
No one arrest him and Mr. Berri gladly welcomed this criminal in his house. the President of the National Assembly ...

Adding insult to injury..!
Lebanon 2005 ladies and gents1

PS: just FTR, there were some conspiracy theories circulating years ago that S. Tfaili might have been framed in this Lebanese Army confrontation...

Secular Lebanon

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I saw the guy, who seemed straightforward and frank. What he said was not stupid. So who knows ? He might be a criminal or he might have been framed


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I liked how he challenged them to come after him.
and how he requested they do not plug his name in the sectarian amnesty game.
Although I felt he was as sincere as he ever was, I still felt he is speaking with a high grudge and a dispise tone . He called Majlis al A3yan to move again. I wonder where he is leading to again this time.


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Although I have some sort of respect for the man, the fact remains that his actions resulted in the deaths of Army members, and he has to be brough in so it can be determined if he was responsible for those deaths, and if yes, no matter what, whether you like him or not, he has to pay for those deaths. No one can go against the Army and get away with it, otherwise any guy with a gun and 5 men will do it.


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Man I don't believe it, we have two "Matloubin" on the lebanese territory, and they r still free, chou hal masskhara.
then I think this guy is a victim of the "Nizam amni" as well as Geagea and General Aoun, but the fact that he confronted the army was totally wrong, and I think he should pay for it like ddiwan said, coz he could make it peacefully and make them arrest him, eventhough they r wrong (ella ma yerja3 el 7a2 la s7abou :S )