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Christianity is Self-Destructive


I would agree. It needs to become more like buddhism and focus on the spiritual aspects while going offline in the social, jurisprudence, and political arena.

Sufism (tasawwuf) is the way to go! Unless the inner dimensions of Islam are sound, it will never reflect well on the outer (political, social, etc.). This is why Islamic regimes like the one in Iran always fail.

Dark Angel

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Since darwinism, theism has been in an uphill battle and in exponential decline since the start of the Information Age. No doubt Islam will reinvent itself multiple times to evolve with the times. But like Christianity, the end product will be vastly different from traditional Islam. From wolf to a poodle.
i was wondering when you were gonna show up to start the one-two. pathetic bel shakl w bel madmoun.

Iron Maiden

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Yes, indeed, Islam is the last religion to still take God and His prophets seriously. However, unlike Christianity, Islam isn’t threatened (at least to the same degree) by the same components that brought the former religion to its own demise. There remains a strong potential to renovate Islam, which will allow it to continue on for centuries to come.
how are you goimg to vibrationally renovate islam? are you gonna revision the quran?? 😂😂