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Informational Deep Into Christianity

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    It's in line with how rajneeshees cared for children... While I was ranting about him I mentioned he encouraged the women in his commune to get sterilised and discouraged personal relationships and procreation... But it went further than that, people who went to the commune and already had children, their children were not allowed to live with them but separately and they were cared for by everyone in the commune... Of course there were reports of children getting neglected and running around naked since when you don't have a personal connection to the child you are less likely to care about his wellbeing!

    So at least he's consistent lol!


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    @Dark Angel You call it a miracle. Those in the know call it spontaneous regression. It's not uncommon for some cancers to suddenly vanish without medical treatment. Rare, but not uncommon. Sometimes an infection can increase the efficacy of the immune system.

    In the case of Nuhad el Chami, the woman with partial paralysis, who said that paralysis due to a stroke can't heal with time?

    By the way, had St. Charbel been such a great surgeon he wouldn't have left her a scar on her neck the size of of a volcano crater LOL. Where did he graduate from?