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Deep into Islam..

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    Hadiths on the End of Times #4;

    Angel Jibriel asked the Prophet, “When will the hour (Day of judgment) be established?” The Prophet replied, “The answerer has no better knowledge than the questioner”. But I will inform you about its signs: 1. When a slave woman gives birth to her mistress or master.....
    There are different interpretations by the scholars regarding the bolded part. Some take it literally, while others use a more metaphorical approach.

    We think it reflects a state of the world where the most basic of ancient and pre-ancient norms and paradigms of civilization/society are turned completely “upside down”.

    Think about it. For millennia, the black man has always been seen as the slave, or at least as the race who is best suited for that role.

    We have reached a point in time however where there is a clear power shift in respect to that thought. A British historian who was terminated from his profession some weeks ago asserted that the BLM protests in Britain had turned the country “black.” Even in America, you have white military officers kneeling to black civilians; or even Ghanaians in Lebanon taking their own stand.

    Of course, the Hadith in question doesn’t have to be exclusive to racial matters. One could also opine that the Hadith also relates to the status of women. The role of man has been dying for centuries now, and as we progress into the future, women will only become more powerful, and they will ultimately be the ones in charge (if they aren’t already)

    I have some other examples of this that I will post in due time, but at the least I think I’ve explained the gist of the Hadith....
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    Europe is now officially Islamized.

    محكمة أوروبية: الإساءة لنبي الإسلام ليست حرية تعبير

    In 20 years, there will a referendum on whether Sharia rule should replace democracy.
    And it will pass, because the demographics will have changed by then.

    Michel Houellebecq was right when he wrote about the West's submission to Islam.
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    The only thing I can say is that this life on Earth is short term. God through Jesus his Son came and gave us the choice to follow or reject him.
    Humans are free to believe or not believe or believe in sects, religions or specifically Islam - at the end we will all die and whomever followed God will have eternal life - this is it guys


    A Shiite is always a Shiite, regardless of faith.
    haha ..shia are muslim so ok that should give me advantage with muslim ladies ? :D ( mut3a and misyar things i mean that normal muslim di usually )) i dont mind then if u want to consider me muslim or whatsoever lol as long as there are benefits .


    haha ..shia are muslim so ok that should give me
    advantage with muslim ladies ?
    I think it would. Women are attracted to confidence, and there’s nothing that says confidence than someone who’s wholly comfortable with who they are. ;)