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Did the Moon Create Electro-Magnetic Vortices in Earth's Interior?

suhail jalbout

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Did The Moon Create Electro-Magnetic Vortices in Earth’s Interior?

By Suhail Jalbout

Scientists believe that the Moon is spiraling at present away from the Earth. If that is the case, then the Moon was at a much nearer distance to Earth when the solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago. It is now receding at a rate of 3.8 cm per year, whereas, it was receding, at the time the solar system was born, at the rate of 10 km per year. Let us assume, that the Moon was receding at an average rate of 5 cm per year throughout the Earth’s and the Moon’s life time. This would mean that the Moon had recessed to date by 230,000 km. The Moon’s closest perigee is 356,000 km. Therefore, the minimum distance that ever occurred between the Earth and the Moon was 126,000 km. At such a distance, the gravitational force between the two would have been almost 8 times the present one. Is it possible that the powerful gravitational pull of the Moon on the Earth, in the remote past, may have created electromagnetic vortices below its surface?

The Earth has three main layers: the core, the mantle, and the crust. The core is its innermost part and is very hot. It is divided into two layers, the inner core, which is solid and 1,270 km thick, and the outer core, which is molten and 2,200 km thick. The mantle extends from the outer core to the surface of the Earth. It is composed of hot molten magma and is 2,900 km thick. The crust is a very thin shell divided into the Sima, 7 km thick, on which the ocean basins rest, and the Sial, 35 km thick, which floats over the Sima and contains the continents.

The Moon exerts an outward pull on Earth and on every atom in it whether in the core, the mantle, or the crust. Both the continents and the oceans experience these pulls but, whereas they are un-noticeable on the continents, they are very obvious on the oceans. The tides are the by-product of these pulls. As the Moon rotates around Earth, its interior is displaced in the direction of the pull causing the hot core and magma to shuffle from side to side. This action will definitely increase the process of releasing the trapped gas inside the core and the hot magma and force them to bubble up to upper levels. We also know that the rotation of matter near the Earth’s poles is much faster than that near the Equator. This difference in their angular velocities could be translated as differences between their centrifugal forces. Under such conditions, it is highly probable that currents will be generated in the Earth’s interior.

Since all matter inside the Earth follows a symmetrical revolution, because of the revolution of the Moon, then these currents should follow a symmetrical pattern. Consequently, the released gases will bubble up and follow the currents in a symmetrical way. The trapped gas in the mantle could have large concentrations at certain locations forming huge gas bubbles or vortices. Because of the difference in the specific gravity between the gas and the surrounding magma, the trapped free electrons of the ionized gas, in the bubbles, will swivel at very high speeds as a result of pressure and temperature variations between them at irregular intervals. These swiveling high speed electrons will have a tremendous electromagnetic power that will penetrate the Sima, the ocean, and the atmosphere.

What happens when a ship or an aircraft passes over these vortices? The compass will fail due to the high magnetic field. The communication system will not function due to high noise levels generated by the electromagnetic waves. The strong electromagnetic fields will ionize the air and create turbulence and air pockets. The energy generated by the vortices could produce microwave oven effects, causing evaporation of water molecules and creating white mist. Also, they will act as electromagnets to pull down vessels and possibly aircraft. Finally, they will create huge underwater currents which will carry the sunken vessels and aircraft to an extreme depth under water. We can thus conclude that the strong gravitation of the Moon, in the remote past, may have created symmetrical electromagnetic vortices in Earth’s interior that become active at irregular intervals.

The Scottish professional biologist, Ivan Sanderson, discovered twelve such “Vile Vortices” or “devil’s graveyards “around the world: one at the north pole, one at the south pole, five in the northern hemisphere at 36° north latitude separated from each other by 72° intervals, and five in the southern hemisphere at 36° south latitude separated from each other by 72° intervals. Sanderson concluded that due to subsurface tidal currents influenced by temperature, a sort of magnetic vortices are set up at the above locations, causing catastrophic effects to ships and aircraft. Their locations are as follows:

  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Algerian Megaliths are in North Africa
  • Indus Valley, is in the city of Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan
  • “Devil’s Sea” or “Dragons Triangle” is south of Japan
  • Hamakulia Volcano is east of Hawaii
  • South Atlantic Anomaly is east of Rio de Janeiro
  • Great Zimbabwe mines and structures
  • Wharton Basin
  • Loyalty Islands
  • Easter Islands megaliths
  • North Pole
  • South Pole
I am not quite sure whether all these vortices actually exist. But if they do, the symmetry of their locations is intergang. Two locations are well known: the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean and the “Dragon Triangle” in the Pacific Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle presents a mystery because so many ships and aircraft disappeared there for no obvious reason and without leaving a trace of the wreckage. The “Dragon Triangle” is not as famous as the Bermuda Triangle because the latter has much more traffic. The disappearance record over the other 10 locations is rare.

My reasoning as to what may happen when one of the vortexes becomes active is validated by few of the survivors of Bermuda Triangle incidents. When asked what happened, they stated that their radio communication systems became inoperative, their compass went crazy, a sort of white mist appeared on the surface of the ocean and severe air turbulences occurred.

It is quite possible that this hypothesis may explain why Sanderson’s vile vortices were created. A last note on this subject is that marine insurance companies do not charge extra fees for navigating over Sanderson’s vortices. Most probably the reason is that the vortices become active at irregular intervals, subject to their temperatures and pressures, and thus do not present continuous danger.