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This thread is intended mostly for tourists and Lebanese expats, who do not know much about Lebanon, other than what the mainstream media might show them, but would like to discover more, and maybe come and visit. Hence I would like each and every member posting in this thread, to consider himself as host, and bring in here the best material available, that he considers worthy of a look, for anyone touring Lebanon. Places, hotels, restaurants, streets, shopping, concerts, nightlife, events, hiking, swimming, skiing,...Anything worth a trip into the land of Cedars.


The reason I flew to Beirut Lebanon - See the best Lebanese food

I traveled to Lebanon for the best Lebanese food, see Moghrabie and Manaish

I Travelled to Beirut for incredible Lebanese food by Lebanese Chefs

How to Cook Traditional Lebanese Food in Lebanon

I flew to Lebanon to try the food



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Bumping this thread.
Everytime foreign friends visit lebanon i learn from them new areas to visit and check out! Not every lebanese knows our country and it is interesting to see what people know and recommend. please post pictures / areas to visit!