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Do We Exist Electromagnetically Before & After Death?

suhail jalbout

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Do We Exist Electromagnetically Before & After Death?

By Suhail Jalbout

There are four fundamental forces that determine the physical behavior of everything in our universe. These forces are:

  • Gravitational forces
  • Electromagnetic forces
  • Strong nuclear forces
  • Weak nuclear forces
Atoms and sub-atomic particles interact with each other through the above four forces to present the universe as we see it. However, there is a fifth force that Einstein mentioned in a letter to his daughter. He wrote: “If instead of E=mc^2, we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through Love multiplied by the square root of the speed of light, we arrive at the condition that Love is the most powerful force there is because it has no limits.”

No doubt Love can heal the world. However, Love can have opposite side effects under special conditions. When an individual loses a dear person to his heart, his/her Love to the diseased could lead to drastic personal conditions. Most of us passed through this type of experience and those who did not will follow suite in the future. During such grieving conditions, the subject of life and death become more profound. Our brain starts searching for comforting answers to the meaning of life and death in order relax the effects of the brain strain. I have lately come up with a hypothesis about the nature of our existence before and after death that I would like to share with you.

According to the Electrical Universe Theory, stars are connected to the core of their respective galaxies by currents. These currents produce electromagnetic fields that dominate our universe. As part of this universe, the human body is also interconnected with electrical currents of a biochemical origin. The brain of man, the master controller, sends signals to different parts of the body through the nervous system. It is responsible for our actions, emotions, feelings, behavior, etc. It represents man, the way he is, momentarily by means of electrical currents in the brain. Since current produces an electromagnetic field, it implies that our brain is a transmitter of electromagnetic energy. The transmitted energy represents every electrical activity in the brain instantaneously. This means that we exist, during our lifetime, in two simultaneous modes: the physical mode and the electromagnetic mode.

The physical mode represents the living status of an individual from the time he is conceived until death. As we all know, we have no decision concerning our birth nor do we have decision over natural death. Upon death, the physical mode disintegrates and disappears.

The electromagnetic mode represents the living status of an individual, which is a record of every thought that is produced in his brain during his lifetime. It is a replica of the physical mode of an individual from the time the brain of the embryo becomes active until death. In this mode, which is created by the physical state, we have complete control of our decisions. Upon death, the electromagnetic mode remains in existence forever in our universe.

As such, it seems that we do exist electromagnetically before and after death. I believe the electromagnetic field that is transmitted from the brain of each individual has a specific pattern of woven frequencies. This would mean that it is quite possible to identify each person by his transmitted electromagnetic pattern in a similar way as fingerprints are used to identify people. This logic is based on the fact that if all people transmit the same electromagnetic patterns, then there is no need for our vocal cords. We would then communicate via electromagnetic transmission at the speed of light.

There are two methods for measuring the output signals from the human brain:

  • 1. EEG or electroencephalogram. This method is used to measure and record on a chart the electrical activity of the brain by using sensors (electrodes).
  • 2. MEG or magnetoencephalography. This method is used to measure the magnetic fields produced by the electrical activity in the brain via sensitive devices such as super conducting quantum interface devices (SQUID’s).
MEG is a much more accurate method for measuring brain activity than EEG. I have done extensive research to find data related to the patterns of electromagnetic fields that are transmitted from different brains but without success. There is no available data on this subject. So I put forward the following question to a prominent Neurologist (Professor and Chairman of the Neurology Department in a well-known Medical Science University in the USA): If we record the magnetic fields from the brains of 6 volunteers, using MEG, whereby each person is located in a separate room and each is exposed at the same moment to the same audio-visual data, would the recordings show a different pattern for each individual? His reply was that, with the present available equipment, the noise to signal ratio is quite high, which makes it difficult to differentiate between patterns.

Let us assume for the purpose of my argument that my hypothesis is correct. I would, consequently, differentiate between two distinct modes that are associated with the transmission of data from the brain; namely, a dynamic mode and a steady state mode.

1. The dynamic mode represents the electrical activity of an active brain during the life span of the individual. These electrical currents are continuously changing in the brain and they interface between present activities and those that are stored in the memory. In this mode, the brain transmits and receives electromagnetic patterns from other human beings. In other words, brains can potentially communicate with each other electromagnetically if they can tune to the transmitted patterns. Tuning to specific patterns may explain the strange psychic phenomenon. There are gifted people who have the capability to tune to different transmitted patterns that happened in the past or are taking place at the present time. They read the mind of different people and whatever they are thinking of whether in the conscious or subconscious mind. They can tune to different electromagnetic patterns of active brains as we tune to a single frequency on a radio or a TV station. In short, the psychic is able to read the data of an electromagnetic pattern that contains all the information about a person’s life. Not many people can tune to the electromagnetic patterns of others even though most of us have had the odd experience of communicating with another person. Some believe that this type of communication takes place by means of telepathy, mentalism, empathy, the sixth sense, and the like. These experiences do not occur frequently and they are transmitted to relay a specific and possibly urgent message. I wish to mention one incident that happened to me.

One evening, while reading a book at home, I had the urge to call a classmate whom I had not seen or heard from for almost 10 years. I looked for his phone number but could not find it. The next day, after work, I went to the Main Public Library in search for his telephone number. He was working in the Silicon Valley, USA, heading a team of researchers. Again I could not find the number. Three months later I learned that George passed away on the same evening that I had the urge to call him. I have no doubt in my mind that he was trying to reach me. I may have tuned to the electromagnetic pattern that he was transmitting before leaving us.

2. The steady state mode represents the complete electrical activity of the brain that was transmitted before death. The electromagnetic pattern that was transmitted during the lifetime of a person remains somewhere in space. Since there is no more consciousness, there is no more added data to the pattern. If it is possible to tune to any of these electromagnetic patterns, it is possible to play back a portion or a complete life span of a person. When a newly conceived infant starts forming, it is quite possible that it may tune to an existing electromagnetic pattern of a person who existed previously. There are many incidents where patients under hypnosis speak in ancient languages that do not exist anymore. Also, there are many incidents where people claim that they had a previous life or they lived in certain areas miles away from their present homes. This implies that a deceased person exists forever in the steady state electromagnetic mode.

In conclusion, it will be very interesting if scientists invent a method to tune to the dynamic mode of the transmitted electromagnetic patterns of active brains. We may end up in a safer world. Also, it would be very interesting if scientists can find a method to tune intelligent life to the steady state mode of deceased people and to those of their loved ones so that they can meet physically and replay their previous lives again. Who knows, maybe a new scientific field will be permitted legally to apply the steady state mode to perform “Bio-Electromagnetic” cloning.


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any reference concerning the following quote?

"we accept that the energy to heal the world can be obtained through Love multiplied by the square root of the speed of light, we arrive at the condition that Love is the most powerful force there is because it has no limits.”