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Announcements Do you think the Orange Room affected the elections results in any way?

Do you think the Orange Room affected the elections results?

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Iron Maiden

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How about the new members, did the oroom influence ur decisions for the elections?

Did u find new ideas or evidence that changed ur mind?

Share your experiences with us and tell abt this journey you went through.

Dark Angel

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@Jo some people ran multi-million dollar campaigns, and did not even reach three thousand votes, making the average cost of every vote they have gotten beyond absurd, it could have easily reached 3000$ per vote if you take the whole campaign into perspective.

so if you want to put a dollar figure to the influence that oroom could have exercised, the number could be very surprising.


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No it didn't affect election results in anyway, and that is not because the Oroom isn't an amazing platform (it is, im here :D ), but because the Lebanese people in general are brainwashed and they won't change their pre-set opinions.

Probably at most it could have affected some individuals opinions, but not in mass.


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I answered I don't know because well I don't know lol! however you definitely have some influence Joseph over some random individual somewhere who has read your posts and thought huh this Joseph has a point Gebran Bassil is definitely not qawi :p!
Yeah I like the Bassil Not Qawi slogan :) I enjoy it lol
In the same tradition I named the new Bloc: the BassilNotQawi Bloc :)

The Bidenator

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I voted yes, because this is considered a media platform and all media platforms influence results of an election even indirectly.

Having said that, I think the influence was very minor and even negligible, i.e. not enough to change results and swing them in a different direction.


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I think that to some extent, precisely internally among FPM voters, there could have been some affect in the sense that spacecreature talked about. But Seeing the debates and endless discussions with non-FPMers, it is obvious that none of them even came close to changing his mind regarding who they'd vote for.
Take for example manifesto, he eventually decided not to vote at all. Although he is totally free to do as he sees fit, i couldn't understand his choice to be honest.
That being said, I would definitely say that the Oroom was one of the major sources of news, analysis and updates for jounos/observers/partisans/activists and what not.

Btw, mabrouk Jo and thank you Oroom!

Man, make sure to mention me next time. (add a "@" before my nickname) I like to know who is talking behind my back :p


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during 15 years in writing in all media outlets
oroom changed in politics adon kelon


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Honestly, the more time I spend on Oroom the more motivated I feel to vote for Kulluna Watani in the upcoming elections.
So yes, I do think the forum affects the elections in a way or another. (probably not in the way you are expecting, though) LOL