Parliamentary elections 2018 Elections: Beirut 1 district


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He must be dumb then! That's one of the reasons people didn't vote for Kulluna Watani. Their candidates hold contradictory views.
Well because they are not a real party with clear principles and goals that holds its members together . Just bunch of people with political ambitions jama3etoun le msibe eno they have no place in the current political spectrum.

Dark Angel

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@Dark Angel: What do you want me to say about the civil movement? That they have different opinions from yours? You're not making it easy to understand why you're so worried about them, and I still fail to see why they're so dangerous to you. Be more elaborate please.
i have already pointed out that most supporters of the so called hirak el madani are oblivious to the dimension i am talking and cannot perceive it correctly let alone tap into it; and it seems you are quite a living example of what i was referring to. either you are incapable of perceiving it, or you are unwilling to perceive it; it is not about different opinions so do not make it as such.

you have yet to be true and honest to any of the terms you are addressing, but then again, those who confiscated the term "civil society" and attributed it exclusively to themselves, will not shy away from attempting to twist other notions..

and i am done repeating myself, if you got it then good for you, if not, too bad.