Elections Elections: Keserwan-Jbeil district

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  • And i m telling u the reality. Walid is better and simon has to work more. Saying that simon in 1 is not good for him . Ma ana 3am fidsk hayda sowt l chemil bel c and R w inta bethachel l 3alam
    Walid is great but polls are saying Simon is number 1
    Perhaps polls are wrong
    Simon is your boss in Jbail district
    Like it or not
    Be respectful with your boss
    Tayeb if i dont like simon would i be saying that inu treku lal zalame a7san ma te7er2u :)
    Second polls min w l nes neymin :)
    U are wrong . I ll tell u why. Cs all the polls based on tayyar cards holder. And who said that tayyar card holders will all vote tafdili to simon.
    I wish that bass at the end they are voting to chemil for the same reason :)
    You cant vote for chemil as tafdili if you are from jbeil it is either simon or walid. Anyway are you implying that walid is the favourite one to take the seat?