Escalations in the south [Next Israeli-Lebanese war imminent?]


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How many in %age were with Israel in 2006 ?

And how many in %age would be with Israel in the coming one ?
According to a survey, conducted in 2020, 94% of the lebanese refuse to recognize Israel.

According to a survey, conducted in 2020, 94% of the lebanese refuse to recognize Israel.

A large proportion of the Lebanese do not recognize an iranian state in lebanon either.

Is there any poll like this one that shows the percentage of Lebanese who would support Israel in a war against Iran's presence in Lebanon ?


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Dear Rai:
Those are the arms that are starving and killing the Lebanese people.

Your point is stupid , the LF do not have arms since te end of the civil (since 30 years !)
You bring a video with a story that happened in 87 or 88 during the civil war, let me remind you at that time HA and Amal were slaughtering eachother killing their own shia fellows.

Regardless if someone hates LF or support them , we have to admitt that they re among the less responsibles for the killing and starving of the Lebanese people for the last 30 years, and they re the less responsible for the fiasco Lebanon is in currently.
As far as i know it s not the LF who were plundering Lebanon for 30 years
It s not the LF who still have weapons and build a militia rogue state within the state
It s not the LF who waged wars in these 30 years involving Lebanon in a regional conflict with all its consequences
It s not the LF who was bringing ammonium nitrate or smuggling and acting like a mafia


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Anyone heard Zionist Rai complaining about Zionist aggression over Lebanon?
Or may be he's still insisting on Lebanon's Neutrality while Israel is raping his country?

Lebanon complains to UN after Israel allegedly uses country’s airspace to strike Syria again


Lebanon has complained to the UN after claiming Israeli jets “blatantly violated” its airspace to carry out strikes at Syrian territory on Thursday. The incursion reportedly forced two civilian flights to divert from their route.
Late on Thursday, Syrian air defenses “repelled an Israel missile aggression,” downing most of the incoming projectiles, Syria’s state-run SANA news agency reported, citing military sources. The strikes allegedly came from the southeast side of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and targeted areas outside the Syrian cities of Damascus and Homs, according to the agency.
Israel, which is concerned about the presence of the Iranian military and Lebanese armed group Hezbollah in Syria, usually remains silent on its strikes against the neighboring country. The reported attack was condemned by the Lebanese authorities, with Defense Minister Zeina Akar claiming that Israeli warplanes have “blatantly violated Lebanon’s airspace.”
The jets flew at low altitude and caused “a state of panic among citizens,” the minister said as cited by Reuters. According to other reports, a least two passenger liners heading to Beirut had been forced to divert from their flight routes due to the appearance of military planes in the area.

Lebanon has complained to the United Nations about the reported Israeli overflights, which violate UN Resolution 1701 that ended the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Akar said. The UN must act to put a stop to such incidents, she insisted.
ALSO ON RT.COMRussian-made air defense systems shot down ALL Israeli missiles targeting Syria’s Homs – military
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have carried out numerous attacks on targets inside Syria in recent years, using Lebanese airspace to avoid Syrian air defenses. Damascus has repeatedly denounced those strikes as acts of aggression.
In July, Russia, which is Syria’s ally in fighting terrorism, Iran and Turkey issued a joint condemnation of the “continuous” Israeli attacks, describing them as violations of “international law, international humanitarian law, the sovereignty of Syria, and neighboring countries.”
ALSO ON RT.COMBeirut ‘responsible’ for Lebanon-based ‘terrorist attacks’ on Israel, IDF claims as UN calls for ‘restraint’
There was also a flare-up between Israel and Lebanon in early August after Hezbollah fired several rockers in response to another Israeli airstrike. The IDF responded with shelling and airstrikes at Lebanese territory, but further escalation was avoided.


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