Elections [FAQ] Lebanon elections 2018 frequently asked questions and important dates


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  • When will the elections take place in Lebanon?
    Sunday, May 6 - 2018

  • When will the elections take place for the diaspora?
    Gulf diaspora: April 27 2018 - Rest of the world: April 29 2018

  • How many Lebanese registered to vote abroad?

  • What were the mainly agreed terms in the new law?
    - Lebanon is divided into 15 constituencies based on the proportional system.
    - ‘Christian minorities’ seat is transferred from second to first district in Beirut.
    - Success threshold for any list on the electoral score must see the number of voters divided by the number of seats.
    - Adoption of a national non-sectarian voice in judiciary.
    - Incomplete lists are allowed, provided they contain at least one seat for each district, and assume responsibility for any losses.
    - Calculations will rely on the largest fraction.
    - All sorting methods dealing with regulations and arranging candidates in each constituency will be adopted on the basis of existing preferential ratios.
    - The representation of expatriates in the upcoming elections will be postponed. Six seats for expatriates will be added in 2022 and, in 2026, six seats will be deducted from the number of deputies.
    - Agreements to authorise military personnel to vote, reduce the age of voting to 18 years, and to allocate a quota for women, were all postponed.

  • What are the different districts and how many seats are allocated for each one?
    There are 15 districts:
    - Akkar: 7
    - Aley-Chouf: 13
    - Baabda: 6
    - Baalbek-Hermel: 10
    - Bcharre-Zghorta-Batroun-Koura: 10
    - Beirut I: 8
    - Beirut II: 11
    - Jbeil-Kesrwan: 8
    - Marjaayoun-Nabatieh-Hasbaya-Bint Jbeil: 11
    - Metn: 8
    - Saida-Jezzine: 5
    - Tripoli-Minnieh-Dennieh: 11
    - West Bekaa-Rachaya: 6
    - Zahle: 7
    - Zahrany-Tyre: 7

  • When will the final list of voters be published?
    30 March 2018

  • When is the last day to register your candidacy?
    7 March 2018

  • When is the last day to withdraw your candidacy?
    22 March 2018

  • When is the last day to register the electoral lists for all parties?
    27 March 2018

  • Other important dates
    - 26 April 2018: No more polls are allowed
    - 5 May 2018: No more marketing campaigns, electoral shows etc... are allowed. (الصمت الإنتخابي)
    - 7 May 2018: Candidates/Parties can start registering their official objections
    - 21 May 2018: End of the current parliament term.
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