Final Blow to Christians in Lebanon?


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Some in the Western media are claiming this recent economic crises in Lebanon could be the final blow to one of the last significant Christian communities in the Middle East. What are the thoughts from you who are on the ground in Lebanon? Is the economic meltdown affecting Lebanon's communities differently?

Below is one recent article, but I've seen several others claiming the same thing over the past few months.



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Mid East Christians are naturally resilient and have been through much worse. FPM's approah to matters does give many Leb Christians confidence to stay and invest in Lebanon from abroad. That's at least what I got from FPMers that talk to me.


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They only have themselves to blame.

On the one hand, they refuse to engage in violence and are always (self-righteously) telling everyone how Jesus turned the cheek.

Their beliefs however don’t align with the reality of a cruel and cold world. This is why the Jews have their own modern state in the ME, while Arab/Levantine Christian villages continue to be depopulated.

Their pride forces them to cling to their beliefs, to cling to their statues, even though said beliefs are the cause of their demise. All they can do now is project their hatred on those beliefs systems that totally dominated them. It’s the only method they have of feeling self-assured of themselves.