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Foreign films shot in Lebanon

Please list all the foreign movies (or TV series) you have seen that feature Lebanon or Beirut in some way or another..
The films should be actually shot in Lebanon, taking advantage of the local sceneries, not just be about Lebanon and instead be filmed somewhere else like Morocco etc..
It doesn't have to be from start to finish, it could very much be just a brief scene from the movie..

I know we can do a quick google and find many, but I am hoping you can share your opinions about them here, and maybe talk about your experience with finding out about them etc...

There are many old foreign movies from the 60s that were shot in Beirut like I mentioned in another thread, and the first time I discovered them was from the Lebanese movie " Il etait une fois Beyrouth" which I can no longer find anywhere. Our school took us to watch it in 1995, I think it was at the CCF or maybe Sodeco cinema I can't remember exactly. Was probably the first Lebanese movie I had ever seen! The most iconic imagery must have been some sort of superhero jumping off the Phoenicia Hotel. It had a james bond feel to it. Not sure what movie that was from, anyone knows??
I guess the hotel has a certain aura and is so inspiring that is often still used today. The following is a really funny French TV series called Fortunes. I watched it on arte TV a few years back. Some of the episodes were shot in Lebanon, especially episode 7.

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