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yes people need to be fooled by religious nonsense to fight against militias and syrian occupation, adde baddo fatt khobez hal balad, w akid badak fatt khibez halal men 3and 3ammo derien w khobez maroune men el batrak ???

iza mafi 3leh 7abet el barakeh ma bedi :cat:


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أحد المطلوبين في ملف الفيول المغشوش جزائري مطلوب من الإنتربول
بسبب فضائح مالية مع شركات كندية و قد أخذ جنسيته اللبنانية من ميشيل عون

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This is copied
and definitely worth archiving here

FPM is a sectarian party that was founded by the warlord Michel Aoun. The party is currently headed by Gebran Bassil, who is considered the most controversial person by the majority of the Lebanese people. Here are some of the corruptions the FPM party have done throughout the years

Aoun robbed the treasury in 1990 as he was fleeing to France

The Lebanese government has refused to allow Aoun and his aides to leave, and is insisting the general face justice for crimes including the theft of at least $75 million from the state treasury.

Sonatrach Contract Scandal and Corruption in the tenders

Corruption in Dams projects

Ministry of Energy Contracts Corruptions

Building Dams for personal gain and profits

Building FPM Headquarters on Nahr al Kalb's archeological site

The President knew about the Ammonium Nitrate

The President is protecting Badri Daher

Lebanon customs chief formally arrested in ‘Captagon Prince’ case

U.S. Courts Just Summoned Gebran Bassil & Key FPM Members For ‘Kidnapping, Illegal Detention, And Torture’

Gebran Bassil Corruption in the ministry of Foreign Affairs

Electricity ships always docked with one company

Energy Ministers contracts and agreements for their personal interests

Nicolas Sehnaoui Corruption in the ministry of Telecommunications (1)

Nicolas Sehnaoui Corruption in the ministry of Telecommunications (2)

This is how President Aoun’s daughter abused power for personal interests

Jean Gebran Director General of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Corporation Corruption

The signature of Nada Boustany reveals corruption of other energy ministers

Elias Bou Saab Corruption in the Ministry of Education

Badri Daher Corruption

The electricity corruption and the ships' deal

There are much more proven Corruptions on the FPM, but I have put the major ones.


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For me two important facts that Bassil is corrupt are well defined and well accepted by Bassilis themselves:
- Bylaws of FPM were changed (especially those related to its presidency) by Aoun upon request of Bassil without the approval of the general assembly. These modifications were sent to the ministry of interior and were at first rejected because they were not approved by the general assembly, then Aoun used his influence with then-minister AlMashnouq to accept them
- The abortion of FPM elections in august 2015

These 2 major and significant events are a big sign of the mindset of these people, and clearly shows that whenever their private interest collide with the public one, they choose their own interest. There are tens of other examples that show a deep discrepancy between words and actions.

As for financial corruption, although personally, I don't have any document, I don't have any doubt in my mind that they are corrupt.
If you look at their aides like Daher, and Jreysati, their corruption is documented, but still, they enjoy the protection of Aoun and Bassil.
It was reported that Daher said that the release of the captagon prince was by the interference of Aoun himself...

Anyway, there are plenty of ways that these people get bribery without being traced unless with a thorough and serious investigation that will never happen in Lebanon. Bassil could show his bank accounts as much as he wants, even naive people understand that no one will use his personal bank account for such a thing, there are other ways
1- in cash. Sarkozy is accused by french justice of getting cash money from Kadhafi
2- in nature, one of his rich friends could have built for him his villa in Laqlouq, or giving him private jets at his disposal
3- bank accounts for his relatives (wife, sister, etc....)
4- through his company. Bassil company claims to renovate old houses etc... Rich friends could buy those houses for 5 times or more their market price in return for Bassil favors...
the list goes on...

So those who expect to have clear documents on Bassil, Berri, Jomblat...this is not the way these guys conduct business, they surely have professional people whose job is to hide the source of their wealth.
The only thing that can uncover their corruption is a thorough investigation. This won't happen without a REAL REGIME CHANGE and a REAL WILL FROM THE LEBANESE PEOPLE TO PROSECUTE ALL THOSE WHO LEAD HIM TO THIS MISERABLE SITUATION.


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What you dont realise is this is the healthiest way hatred and trolling is applied...
Expose FPM and they expose LF and Hariri expose HA for HAs to expose hariri and then amal exposes themselves coz apparently they dont care....

lets have well documented threads and apply your hatred in a productive way! i hope in your research you are honest and if you find some stuff on people you like you post it aswell back into the spirit of kellon ya3ne kellon that you preached before switching to an LFer-ish

Mish Aouneh abadan 🙄


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Mish Aouneh abadan 🙄

you know what's funny

this thread was created after one of the mods (i think strangelove) was spamming us with multiple threads with the same idea about all parties except FPM

so i created this one, 7aram to keep this poor little party left out
it turned out to be the juiciest
fa ayaret ma3o la sad2iak


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Mish Aouneh abadan 🙄